Jailbreak news of the week: MacDirtyCow bug for iOS 15.x-16.1.2, Sileo under new management, & more…

The jailbreak community has been turning up the heat lately with respect to news and tweak releases, and a lot of that had to do with the palera1n and XinaA15 jailbreaks that can be used to pwn certain subsets of devices running iOS or iPadOS 15 through 16.

Weekly jailbreak news roundup.

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This roundup will focus primarily on jailbreak related news content and tweak releases shared between Monday, December 26th and Sunday, January 1st. So without further ado, let’s get started!

Important stuff from this week

MacDirtyCow bug for iOS 15.x-16.1.2

Different fonts applied to an iPhone with the MacDirtyCow bug.

A new bug discovered in iOS & iPadOS 15.x-16.1.2 by security researcher Ian Beer dubbed CEV-2022-46689 (or MacDirtyCow for short) allows for modifications to files accessible by sandboxed apps, allowing for system customization such as changing the Lock Screen’s Face ID glyph or adjusting system fonts.

The bug affects data in the system’s RAM, a type of volatile memory, so user customizations can therefore only persist while the device is powered on and will reset after a reboot.

You can learn more about how all this works in our full news post.

TrollLock Reborn Face ID theme

An animated GIF showcasing the TrollLock animation on a notched iPhone running iOS 16.

TrollLock Reborn is a free add-on for iOS 15.x-16.1.2 devices based on the MacDirtyCow hack that allows Face ID equipped handset users to theme their Lock Screen’s animated Face ID authentication glyph with an animated troll face.

You can find out more about TrollLock Reborn and how it works, as well as how and where to get it in our full news post.

TrollBox all-in-one TrollStore utility

TrollBox app user interface.

Ever want an all-in-one app that could do all the things your current TrollStore-installed apps could do? If so, then the new TrollBox app would be your best friend.

This app simply brings many projects into a single do-it-all app so that you won’t need to follow as many projects and keep all those apps up to date. That’s because this lone app has been designed to do it all, so it’s the only app you’ll ever need.

You can find out more about TrollBox and what you can do with it in our full review post.

iOS 16.1.2 battery indicator for non-notched handsets

NewBattery16 ports the iOS 16 battery indicator from notched handsets to non-notched handsets.

The NewBattery16 jailbreak tweak for iOS 16 ports the Status Bar’s battery level indicator from notched handsets to non-notched handsets.

Simple tweaks like this one breathe new life into older devices by making them look and feel more like newer ones.

You can learn more about the NewBattery16 jailbreak tweak and where you can get it from in our full review post.

Live Now Playing album artwork icon

Examples of the NowPlayingIconXVI jailbreak tweak.

With the NowPlayingIconXVI jailbreak tweak, you can replace the ordinary app icon of whatever music app you might be using with the album artwork of whatever track you might be listening to.

The album artwork appears in all places where the app icon would typically appear.

You can learn more about NowPlayingIconXVI in our full review post.

Colorize the Status Bar

Colorize your jailbroken iOS 15 device’s Status Bar with ColorBar15.

The new ColorBar15 jailbreak tweak allows those using a pwned iOS 15 device to colorize their Status Bar’s interface elements.

The tweak supports XinaA15 and palera1n and can colorize items independently of one another. More options are coming soon as well.

You can find out more about ColorBar15 in our full review post.

Sileo Team under new direction

Sileo icon.

The Sileo Team is now under the direction of developer Amy While, previously CoolStar.

This change means that the Sileo package manager will see more frequent updates and the team should be more interactive with the community. This is especially necessary as more modern jailbreaks use Sileo as the default package manager instead of alternatives.

You can find out more about this change in our full news post.

Everything else from this week

BoopBoopBoop: Customize the sound of various actions performed on your jailbroken iPhone (free via Hoangdus repository — review post)

NoCameraSound: Disables the iPhone’s Camera app shutter sound with the MacDirtyCow bug (full news post)

Speedster: Speeds up or removes certain Home Screen animations to make using it faster (free via Hoangdus repository — review post)

TikBypass: A TikTok anti-jailbreak bypass tweak (free via BigBoss repository)

While that covers everything new in the realm of jailbreaking from this past week, we’ll be right back at it again next weekend with a roundup just like this one, albeit with refreshed content that suits the times. And of course, we’ll cover everything in real time throughout the week as well.

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