Apple listened to the demands, so are you buying a new MacBook Pro?

Sometimes, Apple has some off years. It happens to every company, of course, but when it's Apple it typically resonates a bit more. There are some posts out there on social media that almost make it seem like Apple's doing it on purpose, like a personal attack on them. That's probably not the case. But there are definitely off years, a stretch when Apple tries to change something up, it doesn't work, but the company barrels down and tries to make it work anyway.

The new MacBook Pro captured in photos and images out in the wild

The brand new 14-inch and 16-inch MacBook Pro is quite the striking design change from the previous generation models. Apple didn't try to make it super thin or even shy away from adopting a notch in the display. And now, before it officially lands on store shelves (or even at most early adopters' homes for that matter), there are some units out there in the wild. Which, of course, means some intrepid individuals were ready to snap some photos and videos of the new laptops in the wild.

How to know the exact file size of an app or update for your iPhone

iPhone App Store popup showing app's size before downloading

The size of an app you see in its App Store description is not always precise and particular for your device. What is showed is actually the maximum size for this app. The size of the same app for your specific iPhone may be far less than what's shown. In this tutorial, we show you a handy tip to know the exact file size of the iOS app or the app update on your iPhone. Once you know this, it can help manage your limited data plan and the local storage.

Apple Car battery talks have reportedly stalled in China

Since all we have to work with is the rumor mill and the stories that come out of it, it sure does seem like nothing about developing the Apple Car has been easy for Apple. We already know the project has been in development for years, which in itself is not a red flag (most projects of any size take years to develop). But we also know that it has changed quite a bit over time, too, with Apple at point even considering not launching a physical car at all, and focusing solely on software inside. But, as of right now, it appears that Apple is still planning to launch an actual consumer-ready automobile at some point, even as the speed bumps keep lining up.

Apple Watch Series 7 gets the teardown treatment, reveals changes to display and more

While Apple didn't appear to go out of its way to brand the Apple Watch Series 7 as the biggest update to the smartwatch to date, there are quite a few updates. That includes the slightly larger case sizes in comparison to the previous model. And we can't forget the larger display, thanks to those slightly smaller bezels. The whole thing still looks like an Apple Watch, but it's got some important alterations. And now we've got a look under the hood, too.