Tile360 is selling off precise location data from its millions of users

In today's world, it's not a big surprise when we hear that some companies are selling off data related to their users. It happens all the time, and many companies have made a killing from it. It's big business. Unfortunately, some companies you just hope it doesn't turn out to be that way. Like one that's designed around a "family safety platform."

Winter wallpaper pack for iPhone, iPad, and desktop

Another "crispy" addition to the iDownloadBlog Wallpaper of the Week collection. "Crispy" both in sharp imagery and crisp in the cold, snowy, icy nature of the subject matter. Winter is my favorite time of year and stepping out into the crisp, cool air feels rejuvenating. I know we have readers south of the equator, but us northern hemisphere residents are gearing up for the colder months of the year. Crisp and chill your devices with this winter wallpaper pack.