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8 things to do before selling or trading your Apple Watch

Apple Watch Ultra 2, Series 9, and SE 2 together on a red and green background

Are you planning to sell your Apple Watch, pass it down to someone else, or send it for trade-in? Here are all the important things you must do to ensure the private information stored on your Apple Watch is not accidentally disclosed to others, and the next user can easily pair the wearable with their iPhone.

Apple Trail Loop orange and blue watch band wallpaper

Apple continues to offer seasonal bands for its wearable line up. And, why shouldn’t they? I know I fall victim to “needing” the latest colorway each season. A new offering with the launch of the Apple Watch Ultra, the Trail Loop, offers a sporty design with a quick release color matched tab. All new blue and orange Apple Trail Loop watch band wallpapers honor one of the latest releases.

How to use your iPhone for mood tracking

Log your state of mind in Health on iPhone and Apple Watch

In this guide, we'll walk you through the process of recording your current emotions and daily moods using your iPhone and Apple Watch. This enables you to monitor your mental well-being and even complete mental health assessments to gauge your susceptibility to depression or anxiety.