Master Photoshop with this $31 course bundle

Photoshop is a powerful program, and people who know how to properly use it are practically visual effects wizards. Unfortunately, getting to that level of expertise can be a bit tricky, and having the time—and money—to go back to school isn’t in the cards for everyone. Thankfully, there’s the Complete Master Photoshop & Adobe CC Bundle, a 7-course collection that can get you up to speed on all things Photoshop online and for a fraction of what going back to school would cost.

Score this stylish stainless steel iPhone stand

The iPhone is great for quick bursts on social media apps and texting, but not so great for watching longer videos or Face-timing. Your options are either to suffer a sore wrist or lay your phone flat and crane your neck over it in an awkward position. So unless you’re looking for new ways to strain yourself, a phone stand is an essential accessory.