This 6-in-1 hub dramatically expands your Macbook Pro’s potential

Apple’s MacBook Pro is an impressive machine, but it does leave something to be desired as far the quantity of its ports is concerned. Thankfully, you don’t have to resign yourself to swapping out different devices to keep them all charged/synced throughout the day. This 6-in-1 USB-C Hub for MacBook Pro brings more ports to your MacBook Pro, and it’s on sale for nearly 75% off today.

Get this GoPro HERO waterproof action camera for just $154

Looking for a waterproof camera? Or an action camera that shoots in 1080p? Check out this deal on the GoPro HERO. The camera has a 2-inch touchscreen, built-in Wi-Fi and Bluetooth for easy sharing, and it’s waterproof down to 33 feet. And for a limited time, it’s available on Amazon for just $154.

Relieve stress with this top-rated meditation app

Stress is something we all deal with, but in different ways. And, while some of us have the time to decompress with therapy or hot yoga, most of us hardly have time to breathe in between the hustle and bustle of daily life. Enter Aura Premium. This top mediation app helps users relieve stress in minutes, and much of its effectiveness is due to its AI. Lifetime subscriptions are on sale for $79.99 today.

Grab this Dell 28-inch 4K LED display for just $219

Heads up for folks looking for a great deal on a 4K computer monitor. BuyDig, via its eBay storefront, is offering Dell’s 28-inch 4K LED display for just $219. That’s more than 50% off its original retail price, and nearly $100 cheaper than you can find it anywhere else today. It comes with the full 1-year warranty and shipping is free.

Boost your reading speed and comprehension with this bundle

It’s safe to say that people who read more, generally are more successful in work and life. But, for most of us, finding the time to curl up with a good book, or just catch up on the day’s headlines is no easy feat. The 2018 Award-Winning Speed Reading Bundle can help you stay sharp and read more in less time, and it’s on sale for only $19.

iMazing 2 lets you manage your iOS data the way you want

With Apple’s new iPhones finally unveiled, many of us will soon be upgrading to the latest advancements in Apple tech, which unfortunately means going through the ordeal that is managing and transferring our mobile data. iMazing 2 simplifies the process, and universal licenses are on sale for only $19.99.

Pick up a pair of Grado headphones for just $36

If you’re in the market for a new pair of headphones that won’t break the bank, check out this deal on the Grado SR60i Prestige Series. They look great, sound great and are comfortable enough to support long listening sessions. And for a limited time, there are just $36.

Pick up this smart 1080p dash cam for just $36

Having a smart dashboard camera in your vehicle is kind of like having an extra set of eyes watching the road while you drive. This one from Yi offers real-time lane departure warnings, collision detection, auto video recording in the event of an accident, and for a limited time it’s just $36 on Amazon.