The best gimbals for iPhone (and why you need one)

best gimbals for iphone featured image

The iPhone is pretty great at shooting high-quality videos. But you can take things to the next level by ensuring that the camera is held completely steady. That’s where a gimbal can help you out.

Even when your camera has in-built stabilization, there is always some shake in the footage when you shoot hand-held. A gimbal gets rid of this to give you professional quality results, even if you’re moving around when filming. It’s a game-changer for anyone who wants to produce top-notch mobile videos.

If that sounds appealing, invest in one of the best iPhone gimbals listed below.

How to delete all old WhatsApp photos and videos from your iPhone

Delete old WhatsApp photos and videos from iPhone

WhatsApp saves the same pictures and videos in two places - inside the WhatsApp app and the iPhone Photos app. You can easily stop WhatsApp from saving images to your iPhone Photos app. But one copy still unknowingly remains inside the chat app.

If you have lots of one-to-one and group conversations on WhatsApp, these media files might be occupying several GBs of space.

In this handy tutorial, we show you how to delete old WhatsApp photos and videos from your iPhone to free space and keep things fast.