iPhone vibration and haptic feedback not working for calls, texts, etc? Here is how to fix it

Image illustration showing iPhone vibrating

Your iPhone makes a vibration when you get a call or notification. This makes it easier to notice, even if the device is in your pocket, purse, or is in silent mode. Similarly, iOS offers haptic feedback throughout the operating system to complement the touch input and elevate your interactive experience. However, if you aren't getting any vibrations or haptics on your iPhone, here are some possible solutions to fix that issue.

How to fix iPhone and Apple Watch Health app not sending notifications to take your medication on time

Health app medications reminder on iPhone Home Screen and Lock Screen

The Health app in iOS and watchOS can send you alerts to take your medicines on time. Sure, you have to first add your medications to the Health app. But what if your iPhone and Apple Watch don't notify you to take the medicines and log them as taken even after adding them?

As it turns out, the solutions to fix this aren't complex, and you can follow them easily using our guide below.

How to share your Mac’s Wi-Fi or Ethernet connection as a hotspot for your iPhone, iPad, Android phone, and other devices

Share your Mac internet

You're already familiar with Personal Hotspot on your iPhone and cellular iPad, which lets you share mobile data with other devices. Similarly, your Mac also has this hidden feature that allows you to share its internet connection with an iPhone, iPad, Android phone, another MacBook, or anything that can connect to Wi-Fi.

In this tutorial, we'll show you how to turn your Mac into a wireless Wi-Fi router and share its internet connection. Plus, we'll also show you how to share your Mac's Wi-Fi with your iPhone or iPad via Lightning cable or Bluetooth.