AirPods 3 expected to make an appearance at California Streaming event; iPhone 13 said to start at 128GB of storage

AirPods Pro

We're just a couple of days away from Apple unveiling some new products. The easy bet is that we'll see some new iPhones, with the iPhone 13 lineup expected to get the big ol' showcase experience this year. But we're also supposed to see a new Apple Watch, too. And Apple's truly wireless headphones might not be left out in the cold, either.

Some of the best headphone stands you can buy now

If you have a pair of AirPods Max, or really any over-ear headphones that you don't want just lying around on your desk, or, worse yet, stuffed into a drawer, a stand can help with that. We've put together a roundup of the best stands you can buy right now for your headphones.

Second AirPods Pro beta firmware adds Conversation Boost

Earlier this year, Apple confirmed that AirPods Pro users would be able to try out beta versions of the firmware ahead of a public launch. The first effort in that regard arrived in late July. And now, the company has issued a second beta firmware version, adding yet another feature to the mix.

AirPopupConnect upgrades the H1 headphone pairing interface with dark mode & a connect button

A lot of magic happens when you bring a new pair of AirPods or Apple/Beats-branded equivalent headphones or earbuds with the proprietary H1 chip close to your iPhone for the first time. The pairing process is simply beautiful, complete with a stunning 3D render-equipped pairing interface and the works.

A similar interface appears when you bring any of the aforementioned audio devices close to your iPhone from then on so that you can view its current battery charge or just gawk at the gorgeous animations some more. But it’s noticeably missing something — a button for easily connecting to said device.