Nature Wallpapers

Summer-inspired wallpapers for iPhone and iPad

With iPhone 13 season upon us in just a couple weeks, summer is beginning to come to a close. We will start seeing the season change, cooler weather approach, but there is still time to appreciate summertime. These summer wallpapers take inspiration from the best parts of these hottest months.

Dunescape desert wallpapers for iPhone and iPad

Nature's beauty is always inspiring. In this desert wallpaper pack, both the minimally attractive sand dunes and rich colored skies bring an incredible majesty to your Home and Lock Screen. The colors cross from dark greens and blues, to high toned pinks and purples.

Sunrise wallpapers for iPhone and iPad

Our iDownloadBlog Wallpapers of the Week collection updates with new, photo quality images every Sunday. Nothing beats the natural beauty of a sunrise. With the rich, dark purple and blue of night, juxtaposed with the bright orange, pink and crimson of the new days light, sunrise images mix an incredible array of color for impressive wallpapers. The pack is downloadable for iPad and iPhone.

Mars Perseverance wallpapers for iPhone

Space wallpapers are a popular theme on the iDB Wallpapers of the Week gallery. This week, we bring you images directly from the surface of Mars. Thanks to the NASA Mars 2020 Mission, the wallpapers in todays collection come directly from that Martian surface. These Mars Perseverance wallpapers showcase the red planet's rough surface and thick atmosphere.

Fantasy cloud iPhone wallpapers from sunset to moonrise

iDownloadloadBlog's Wallpapers of the Week collection is updated every single Sunday. Rain or shine. Gathering up the best wallpapers from around social media and the net, you can find photo quality images for your iPhone, iPad, and Macs. Whenever possible, we feature original artists' work and today fits within that category. We have an original set of fantasy cloud iPhone wallpapers; from sunrise to midnight, these simplistic images make great backgrounds.

Unreal fantasy landscape wallpapers for iPhone

Each week in the iDB Wallpapers of the Week collection, we add photo quality images to the gallery. Every Apple device, especially the iPhone has an incredible display panel and you owe it to yourself to ensure only the best wallpapers are installed. Our collection spans many genres, but one of the most popular are space themed and mind bending fantasy scenery. Today's fantasy landscape wallpaper hits exactly between those two genres. Check out these amazing Home and Lock Screen wallpapers.

Sunrise wallpapers for iPhone and iPad

As we cross over into a brand new year, we all hope that 2021 will be a year of new possibilities. While talk of the 'new normal' pervaded our daily vocabularies, the new year is a chance to renew attitudes, perspectives, and positions. To play into the metaphor of a fresh start, this sunrise wallpaper pack honors the new beginnings in the start of another year.

Snow wallpapers for iPhone and iPad

As November concludes, we look into December anticipating colder months throughout winter. Snow wallpapers bring frosted images with pops of color and picturesque scenery. This frozen snow wallpaper pack is sized for the iPad 12.9" device and is sizable on any smaller iPad or iPhone devices.

Download the new iOS 14.2 wallpapers

Apple has been testing the new iOS 14.2 software update ahead of release later this year, and it includes some pretty nice wallpapers. And while some Apple wallpapers are only available on certain devices, like the iPhone 12 and iPad Air 4-exclusive ones, you'll be able to use these new walls on any iPhone, iPad or iPod touch powered by iOS 14.2.

Night sky wallpapers for iPhone

Night sky wallpaper iPhone iDownloadBlog IEDITWALLS mock up

There is something deep and rich about the dark blacks, greys, blues and purples found in night sky wallpapers. With a few added crescent moons to enhance the effect, the following collection makes for great Home or Lock screen backgrounds. Grab all of these nocturnal themed images for your iPhone.

Charleston barrier islands dual screen wallpapers for Mac

Typically, our Wallpaper of the Week collection is focused on mobile devices, iPads and iPhones. This week we present a special collection of dual screen wallpapers for multiple Mac sizes and a bonus download for iPhone and iPad as well. Check out these incredibly vibrant images by Jason Ogden, curated by popular Apple accessory maker Twelve South.

Sunset wallpapers pack for iPhone and iPad

Our dedicated wallpaper gallery is updated every Sunday. Expect to find incredible, photo quality images for your favorite devices. Our Wallpapers of the Week collection contains a wide variety of image subjects. Sunsets are one of the most popular recurring uploads. Adding to that genre, today's image pack contains ten new wallpapers.