Sky Wallpapers

Sky wallpapers feature beautiful and breathtaking images of the sky, including sunsets, sunrises, clouds, and stars. These wallpapers are perfect for adding a touch of serenity and tranquility to your phone’s background. Whether you’re looking for a calming image to start your day or a stunning view to end it, sky wallpapers for iPhone have something for everyone.

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Scenic cloud wallpapers for iPhone and iPad

Coming into the hot summer months, there is no relief from the sun other than shade. Hoping to catch some cloud cover is your best bet for staying cool outside. In these scenic cloud wallpapers for iPad, enjoy the sun peaking through the shady pillows in the sky.

Moody silhouette wallpapers for iPhone

The mystery of a dark object shines in these moody silhouette wallpapers for iPhone. Simplistic, dark, and yet still colorful images make for incredible Home and Lock Screen backgrounds. Various foreground subjects give way to incredible scenery in these downloads.

Incredible mountainscape wallpapers for iPhone

Mountains are a magnificent source of inspiration for people worldwide due to their majestic beauty. Their towering peaks have the power to leave us breathless and in awe of nature's wonders. For those who love mountains and are searching for beautiful iPhone wallpapers, there are many options available. Here are some curated options for your favorite device.

A collection of vibrant orange wallpapers for iPhone

If you closely follow the iDownloadBlog Wallpapers of the Week collection, you know I've been on a purple wallpaper spree. Most of the recent packs have included at least one purple image. But, I woke up feeling sprite and thinking of the color orange. This quickly translated in an Orange iPhone wallpapers pack for your screens.

Astrophotography Milky Way galaxy wallpapers for iPhone

There's nothing quite like the Milky Way galaxy. For starters, it's home; moreover, it's beautiful. In today's iDownloadBlog Wallpapers of the Week, we are taking the opportunity to enjoy some "far out" astrophotography. In line with the recent Apple event stars-themed media invitations, these Milky Way galaxy wallpapers make awesome backgrounds while we wait for the iPhone 14 announcement.

Sunny ocean wallpapers for iPhone and iPad

As the summer months come to an end, capture these sunny ocean wallpapers for your iPhone or iPad. You can always tell summer is ending in two ways, the days become shorter and the iPhone rumors come to a feverish pitch. Before Tim Cook and friends show off their latest device, grab these end of summer images for your current devices.

Summer-inspired wallpapers for iPhone and iPad

With iPhone 13 season upon us in just a couple weeks, summer is beginning to come to a close. We will start seeing the season change, cooler weather approach, but there is still time to appreciate summertime. These summer wallpapers take inspiration from the best parts of these hottest months.

Independence Day fireworks wallpapers for iPhone

independence day iPhone fireworks wallpaper mockup

Today’s iDownloadBlog Wallpapers of the Week post lines up with American Independence Day. Every Sunday, we post photo quality images, perfect for your background and today is, coincidentally, July 4th. To celebrate, we have a great selection of fireworks wallpapers for iPhone. If you are looking to commemorate the day or just have some bright and flashy walls, these are for you.

Fantasy cloud iPhone wallpapers from sunset to moonrise

iDownloadloadBlog's Wallpapers of the Week collection is updated every single Sunday. Rain or shine. Gathering up the best wallpapers from around social media and the net, you can find photo quality images for your iPhone, iPad, and Macs. Whenever possible, we feature original artists' work and today fits within that category. We have an original set of fantasy cloud iPhone wallpapers; from sunrise to midnight, these simplistic images make great backgrounds.

Night sky wallpapers for iPhone

Night sky wallpaper iPhone iDownloadBlog IEDITWALLS mock up

There is something deep and rich about the dark blacks, greys, blues and purples found in night sky wallpapers. With a few added crescent moons to enhance the effect, the following collection makes for great Home or Lock screen backgrounds. Grab all of these nocturnal themed images for your iPhone.

Sunset wallpapers pack for iPhone and iPad

Our dedicated wallpaper gallery is updated every Sunday. Expect to find incredible, photo quality images for your favorite devices. Our Wallpapers of the Week collection contains a wide variety of image subjects. Sunsets are one of the most popular recurring uploads. Adding to that genre, today's image pack contains ten new wallpapers.