Sunny ocean wallpapers for iPhone and iPad

As the summer months come to an end, capture these sunny ocean wallpapers for your iPhone or iPad. You can always tell summer is ending in two ways, the days become shorter and the iPhone rumors come to a feverish pitch. Before Tim Cook and friends show off their latest device, grab these end of summer images for your current devices.

Ocean wallpapers for iPhone and iPad

Below, find five downloads that capture creative snaps of the ocean. From a classic ocean view sunset to a black and white coastline, they all make a great Home or Lock Screen background.

Sourced from, the canvas is large enough for an iPad and allows you to crop a choice view for any smaller devices, like your iPhone.

Below these ocean views is a call for downloads of the upcoming iPhone 13 event invitations wallpapers.

Ocean wallpaper iPhone iDownloadBlog sunset

Orange sunset over the ocean for iPhone or iPad

Boat on a pink and purple ocean sunset for iPhone or iPad

Ocean wallpaper iPhone iDownloadBlog plane

View of the blue ocean from an airplane window with wing for iPhone or iPad

Bright sunrise over the ocean with reflection for iPad or iPhone

Ocean wallpaper iPhone iDownloadBlog black and white

Black and white ocean beach scene for iPad or iPhone

Call to arms!

This week we are expecting announcements to launch for the iPhone 13 event. As always, we are looking to capture wallpapers for iPhone, iPad, or desktop that are inspired by the official Apple event invitations. If you are a digital artist and would like to be featured or you stumble across these inspired wallpapers, please send them to me ASAP to @jim_gresham, where I curate the iDB wallpaper gallery. Even if you aren’t submitting tips or downloads, you should follow along to know exactly when these popular backgrounds post on the site!

These types of wallpapers are by far the most popular on our site. If you are looking to get that exposure, make sure to shoot me your creations! We will post the wallpaper designs on the same day as the invitation; get your submissions in on time!