Gradient Wallpapers

Gradient wallpapers feature a blend of two or more colors that transition smoothly from one to the other. These wallpapers are popular for their ability to add a modern and stylish look to the iPhone Home or Lock Screen. They come in a variety of color combinations and can be used to match personal preferences.

If you like gradient wallpapers, you will likely be interested in checking out our galleries of colorful, geometric, abstract, and minimalist backgrounds.

Colorful split gradient wallpapers for iPhone

The simplicity in color. Just color. Well, maybe add a few ripples and something special happens when a wallpaper smoothly fades from one color to another. These split gradient wallpapers for iPhone play on a long time color changing tradition with a splash of contrast.

Iris Superstition wallpaper collection for iPhone

Another Sunday, another addition to the iDB Wallpapers of the Week gallery. We aim to highlight graphic artists and photographers by promoting their images as Apple device wallpapers. The purple “Iris Superstition” collection is an original set of images based on natural color schemes.

Orbital circular wallpapers for iPhone

There's something inherently soothing about circular gradients. They seamlessly blend colors in a way that's both subtle and striking, creating a visual swirl that transforms your iPhone into a canvas of color. If you're tired of the same old static wallpapers, it's time to embrace the circular gradient. The following "Orbital" collection uses a sphere as the basis upon which the circular gradient is shown, giving the image a 3D effect.

Autumn gradient wallpapers for iPhone

With another Sunday comes another iDownloadBlog Wallpapers of the Week. Every post you can expect incredible, photo quality backgrounds for your favorite Apple devices. In this week’s collection you can find seasonally appropriate autumn gradient wallpapers for iPhone. Take the rich colors of a chilly season and carefully swirl them into minimalist downloads.

iPhone 15 Natural Titanium wallpapers

As we all anticipate iPhone launch day coming this Friday September 22nd, the newest color interest is Natural Titanium. A color that has been described to match the Titanium Apple Watch Ultra, is a beige color way, with a little more luster. To celebrate this new iPhone material and color, we have a Natural Titanium wallpaper pack inspired by iPhone 15 Pro featured today.

Circular gradient wallpaper swirls for iPhone

Every Sunday the iDB Wallpapers of the Week brings you photo quality images straight to your iPhone, iPad, or desktop. Bringing a flash of smooth colors, gradient backgrounds are perfect for Home or Lock screens, giving way to the information presented, be it the clocks, widgets, or icons. These swirling colors make for incredible options.

Pastel Apple logo gradient wallpapers for iPhone

As we approach apple season, the times comes where the leaves turn golden colors, autumn brings cooler air, and we pick our favorite Apple gadgets from the shelves at our local Apple stores. September will most likely see the newest iPhone generation announced and launched. To get prepped, grab these Apple logo wallpapers.

macOS Tiger Aqua Redux wallpaper for iPhone

As we look toward the general availability of macOS Sonoma this fall, our Wallpapers of the Week take a step back in time, almost 20 years. macOS Tiger launched in 2005 and included the Aqua wallpaper, smoothing the lines of users’ backgrounds. Download this collection of Aqua inspired wallpapers and a touch up of the original.

Colorful gradient “Breeze” wallpaper pack for iPhone and iPad

In today's iDownloadBlog Wallpapers of the Week post, we're diving into the world of iPhone wallpapers that pack a punch: gradient style images! These captivating gradients have got it all – they're chic, modern, and the perfect harmony of colors. Most importantly, they make great Lock or Home Screen backgrounds. Download your favorite of this mixed pack for iPhone or iPad.

HOT SUMMER wallpaper pack for iPhone

Our iDownloadBlog Wallpapers of the Week gallery is updated every Sunday. With photo quality wallpapers, your Apple devices will never lack for a fresh coat of paint. Today, add a vibrant pop of color with these “HOT SUMMER” wallpaper downloads.