City Wallpapers

City wallpapers showcase the bustling metropolises of the world, from New York to Tokyo. These high-resolution images capture the energy and beauty of city life, perfect for adding a touch of urban flair to your device. Whether you’re a city dweller or just love the hustle and bustle, these wallpapers are sure to impress.

If you like city wallpapers, make sure to balance things out with some landscape, nature, sky, and space backgrounds.

macOS Sonoma wallpaper pack for iPhone

With the launch of macOS Sonoma the world of wallpapers and screen savers became blurred in the most incredible way. Capturing sites from nature to cityscape, the fascination of Apple TV wallpapers make their way to desktop with macOS Sonoma. A flyover experience is frozen in time for the benefit of these iPhone wallpapers.

Star Wars inspired dual screen wallpapers by Twelve South

Popularized by their BookBook device cases and modern items like their picture frame wireless charger, Twelve South is known for their high quality hardware.

But, did you know they also make some incredible dual screen wallpapers, like these Star Wars inspired “Neo City” versions? The dunes of a sandy world are captured in this artist’s interpretation of Neo City, which features architectural elements reminiscent of cities found in another far away galaxy, perhaps from a long time ago.

Apple Park wallpapers for iPhone and desktop

Apple Park is the headquarter location for Apple. Located in Cupertino, California, down near the original campus location at 1 Infinite Loop, Apple Park opened in April 2017. Given the circular design, the building is commonly referred to as “the spaceship” and is easily recognizable from the air.

Taking inspiration from this corner-less design, these Apple Park wallpapers capture the impressive architecture.

Architecture wallpapers of all shapes and sizes for iPhone

The iDB Wallpapers of the Week collection provides categorized photo quality background downloads every single Sunday. In this week's installment, we focus on the minimalist beauty of architecture wallpapers. Similar to our city download category, these images focus on created wonders. Pinned against soft, subtle gradient back layers, these buildings are an understated pop on your iPhone screen.

Check out these streetcars wallpapers

The iDownloadBlog Wallpapers of the Week collection brings you photo quality images for your Home and Lock screens. Today's transportation themed collection highlights the unsung hero of mass transit. Modern or historic, streetcar wallpapers prove this train is quite photogenic in the following downloads.

Wallpapers of the week: along the roads

Our Wallpapers of the Week collection posts photo quality images every Sunday. From crispy vectored images to photographic naturescapes, the collection is vast and sprawling, covering a myriad of genres. Summer is a time to take to the road.

While the pandemic has many of us cautious to return to normal seasonal activities, let's hit the road on iPhone. If we are stuck inside and doom scrolling our iPhone for hours per day, at least we can enjoy the scenery.

Sunset wallpapers pack for iPhone and iPad

Our dedicated wallpaper gallery is updated every Sunday. Expect to find incredible, photo quality images for your favorite devices. Our Wallpapers of the Week collection contains a wide variety of image subjects. Sunsets are one of the most popular recurring uploads. Adding to that genre, today's image pack contains ten new wallpapers.