Wallpapers of the week: along the roads

Our Wallpapers of the Week collection posts photo quality images every Sunday. From crispy vectored images to photographic naturescapes, the collection is vast and sprawling, covering a myriad of genres. Summer is a time to take to the road.

While the pandemic has many of us cautious to return to normal seasonal activities, let’s hit the road on iPhone. If we are stuck inside and doom scrolling our iPhone for hours per day, at least we can enjoy the scenery.

Road wallpapers

This week’s collection is curated by @ieditwalls. He takes images from around the Net, modifies them for mobile optimization and offers an online gallery. The original artists are tagged by each download below.

These road wallpapers capture everything from the great outdoors to man made neon playgrounds. The crisp, clear images will pop on your iPhone screen and, hopefully, will not make you long too much for the outdoors.

Road iPhone wallpaper ieditwalls idownloadblog zach doehler

Download via Zach Doehler: iPhone

Download via NYC Afterdark: iPhone

Road iPhone wallpaper ieditwalls idownloadblog neonnoir

Download via Neonnoir: iPhone

Download via Joao Bernardino: iPhone

Road iPhone wallpaper ieditwalls idownloadblog fabricio gvmboa

Download via Fabricio Gvmboa: iPhone

If you have a collection of wallpapers or create them yourself, make sure to send a line my way via @jim_gresham, where I curate the iDB wallpaper gallery. Follow along for mid-week downloads, previews of upcoming posts, and general nonsense.