Colorful Wallpapers

Add some personality to your iPhone with colorful wallpapers. From bold geometric patterns to playful illustrations, there’s a design for every taste. Brighten up your day with a pop of color on your lock screen or home screen. With endless options to choose from, your phone will never be boring again.

If you like colorful wallpapers, make sure to also check out our collections of abstract, geometric, gradient, and minimalist backgrounds.

Christmas scenery wallpapers for iPhone

We are only a few sleeps away from Christmas morning! It’s that wintery time of the year where, hopefully, snow starts to fall and make everything feel crisp and cold. No matter what you are hoping for under the tree, your iPhone will be decked with fun Christmas scenery wallpaper and a couple of bonus downloads.

Colorful split gradient wallpapers for iPhone

The simplicity in color. Just color. Well, maybe add a few ripples and something special happens when a wallpaper smoothly fades from one color to another. These split gradient wallpapers for iPhone play on a long time color changing tradition with a splash of contrast.

iPhone 15 wallpaper mods color pack

We are now a few days into the iPhone 15 era. People are singing the praises of lighter chassis thanks to the Titanium framing. With each new device a corresponding wallpaper is used for advertising and in the iOS version. For this Wallpapers of the Week installment, bring a splash of color to the iPhone 15 Pro Titanium inspired wallpaper.

macOS Tiger Aqua Redux wallpaper for iPhone

As we look toward the general availability of macOS Sonoma this fall, our Wallpapers of the Week take a step back in time, almost 20 years. macOS Tiger launched in 2005 and included the Aqua wallpaper, smoothing the lines of users’ backgrounds. Download this collection of Aqua inspired wallpapers and a touch up of the original.

Colorful gradient “Breeze” wallpaper pack for iPhone and iPad

In today's iDownloadBlog Wallpapers of the Week post, we're diving into the world of iPhone wallpapers that pack a punch: gradient style images! These captivating gradients have got it all – they're chic, modern, and the perfect harmony of colors. Most importantly, they make great Lock or Home Screen backgrounds. Download your favorite of this mixed pack for iPhone or iPad.

Long exposure wallpapers for iPhone

The iDownloadBlog Wallpapers of the Week collection is a running series of photo quality images for your Apple device background. Each week come back for brand new downloads and keep your devices looking fresh every seven days. In today's installment, long exposure images capture the moving life.

HOT SUMMER wallpaper pack for iPhone

Our iDownloadBlog Wallpapers of the Week gallery is updated every Sunday. With photo quality wallpapers, your Apple devices will never lack for a fresh coat of paint. Today, add a vibrant pop of color with these “HOT SUMMER” wallpaper downloads.

Nostalgic Microsoft wallpapers for desktop

For an Apple focused website, you may find it strange to offer an entire collection of nostalgic Microsoft wallpapers for desktop. However, I would venture to guess, that not all of us started out on a Mac as our first computer, at least those of us born before 2000. These wallpapers capture some of the 'fun' from the Windows '98 era, in 4K resolution.

Scenic cloud wallpapers for iPhone and iPad

Coming into the hot summer months, there is no relief from the sun other than shade. Hoping to catch some cloud cover is your best bet for staying cool outside. In these scenic cloud wallpapers for iPad, enjoy the sun peaking through the shady pillows in the sky.

Moody silhouette wallpapers for iPhone

The mystery of a dark object shines in these moody silhouette wallpapers for iPhone. Simplistic, dark, and yet still colorful images make for incredible Home and Lock Screen backgrounds. Various foreground subjects give way to incredible scenery in these downloads.