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AirPods Max gradient wallpapers for iPhone

AirPods Max iPhone wallpaper idownloadblog AR72014 mockup

The brand new AirPods Max will be launching to stores and pre-order mailboxes on Tuesday, December 15. Over the ear closed back cans pair with a stainless steel band and opened headband in this highly stylized, multi-color pair of $549 headphones. Offering a myriad of technology, the AirPods Max behave like the AirPods Pro with active noise cancellation, transparency mode, and easy connectivity. Taking it a step farther, the H1 chip provides computational audio for the best sound experience. Celebrate the new hardware with this matching AirPods Max wallpaper pack for iPhone.

Pastel wallpapers inspired by iPhone 12

It seems Apple turned both October and November into extended iPhone celebration months. While it is frustrating to wait for all four new models to arrive on store shelves and ship to homes, the amount of ongoing excitement is contagious. While tech reviewers continue to pound YouTube with unboxings, initial reviews, and more in depth reviews, digital artists continue to develop inspired iPhone 12 wallpapers. This pastel wallpapers pack inspired by the official iPhone 12 wallpapers is a great addition to your screens and our Wallpapers of the Week collection.

Matching wallpapers for iPhone 12

iPhone 12 wallpaper colorway gradient idownloadblog Green by AR7 mockup

On Friday, pre-orders for the 6.1" iPhone 12 devices commenced. Along with new devices came brand new colorways. This iPhone 12 wallpaper pack will match the brand new color schemes on the new devices. Matched and sized for the iPhone 12, you will be able to enjoy the colors now, while you wait for the pre-order to arrive, hopefully next week.

New iPad Air wallpaper colorways

During the September Apple media event, all new iPad Air models were announced. They are set to be released for order and in store purchase sometime in October. As we hit mid-month, there are only a few weeks left for them to hit store shelves. The brand new color ways are available in Rose Gold, Green, Sky Blue, Silver, and Space Gray. The new iPad Air wallpaper colors are ready for any iOS device while you wait for the hardware.

Bright gradient wallpapers for iPhone

Some of the simplest images make for the most incredible wallpapers. Smooth, transitioning gradient colors are some of my favorite types of wallpapers because they offer a great splash of color, but do not overly complicate your Home screen. These bright gradient wallpapers caught my attention and I'm excited to offer them for download.

Abstract wallpapers for iPhone: the Glitch Series

Abstract wallpaper is one of the most popular categories in the iDownloadBlog Wallpapers of the Week collection. In the following downloads, a myriad of colors swirl into incredible, softened kaleidoscope imagery. Slightly out of focus, the images make for impressive Home and Lock screen wallpapers.

iPhone, iPad and desktop wallpapers inspired by the new iPad Air

On September 15, 2020, Apple announced updates to the iPad Air, bringing a sharper design language to the middle iPad tier. The new design adds Touch ID to the power button and eschews the Home Button in favor of a full screen experience. With each hardware release Apple uses advertising images to showcase the devices. We have the iPad Air 2020 wallpapers ready for your iPhones.

Pastel wallpapers for iPhone and iPad

There is a simplicity in singularity, a oneness with uniformity, consistency in completeness. This collection of pastel wallpaper is all of those things. A single, subtle color gradient spans the entirety of your favorite iOS device screen. In fact, the gradient is so subtle I had to use a dropper tool to measure the hex code in different parts of the image to ensure it was actually a gradient. In today's Wallpapers of the Week curation, I am floored by the rich pervasive color in this collection.

New 2020 iMac wallpapers for desktop and iPhone

Apple recently updated the iMac 27" with some impressive internals. The update came without an event, leading some to speculate there is a crowded Fall release lineup, despite the global pandemic.

We already know that the new iPhone will be delayed by a few weeks, as Apple announced The news in its Q3 earnings call with analyst, but that does not seem to prevent the updates from coming in.

This new iMac was promoted on Apple’s website with an advertising wallpaper and we have it for your devices.

Gradient iPad wallpaper pack

Simple, yet complex, the gradient wallpaper genre offers an endless supply of color combinations. This gradient iPad wallpaper collection spans the color spectrum and each download includes a plethora of shifting colors. With a high resolution PNG file type, you should only see the smoothest transitions in your downloads. Perfect for your minimal, yet colorful preferences.

iOS 14 wallpaper gradient inspirations for iPhone and iPad

Apple promotional wallpapers are the most popular images we post on an annual basis. Everything from media event invitation wallpapers to images found on the Apple home page that never make it to the iOS release.

Today, we are excited to share Apple-inspired wallpapers which design is based on the iOS 14 reveal at WWDC 2020. There are twelve different iOS 14 wallpaper inspirations for download, all uniquely built from the iOS 14 experience video.

3D border wallpapers for iPhone

There is a rare subset of iPhone wallpapers that require utmost precision. In this case, 3D border wallpapers for iPhone necessitates this type of attention to detail. The following 22 wallpaper pack offers precision cut images that give the illusion your iPhone background sits just below the screen surface and icons.