Apple Wallpapers

Apple wallpapers typically feature sleek designs showcasing the company’s iconic logo, product images, and vibrant colors. From original creations by digital artists to exclusive backgrounds used in Apple’s product announcements, these wallpapers are perfect for any Apple fan looking to add a touch of style to their device.

macOS Sonoma wallpaper pack for iPhone

With the launch of macOS Sonoma the world of wallpapers and screen savers became blurred in the most incredible way. Capturing sites from nature to cityscape, the fascination of Apple TV wallpapers make their way to desktop with macOS Sonoma. A flyover experience is frozen in time for the benefit of these iPhone wallpapers.

Wallpapers celebrating the 40th anniversary of the Macintosh

As we celebrate the remarkable 40-year journey of the Apple Macintosh, it's impossible not to reflect on the iconic moments and innovations that have shaped the world of personal computing. The Macintosh, introduced on January 24, 1984 by Steve Jobs and his team, marked a turning point in the tech industry, revolutionizing the way we interact with computers. To honor this milestone, download these wallpapers.

Apple “Scary Fast” event wallpapers for iPhone

Scary Fast Apple event wallpaper mock up

Today, Apple's marketing team announced an upcoming media gathering and we have the Scary Fast event wallpaper to match. Apple analysts argued with each other for months trying to determine if this event would occur and what exactly would be released. Now we have the official invitation in the mail and the possibilities seem more 'treat' than 'trick.'

Download the iPhone 15 wallpapers here

On Tuesday, September 12, 2023, Apple announced the newest handset, iPhone 15. With new color ways, each device "regular" and "Pro" were advertised with a series of color matching iPhone 15 wallpapers. These marketing backgrounds rarely make their way to the corresponding iOS version, but you can download them here.

Apple “Wonderlust” event wallpapers

Apple's team recently sent media invitations to the upcoming September 12 event. For every event, a new invitation design is launched that some speculate to have hidden meanings. Interpreting or luckily guessing how the invitation designs predict or hint at upcoming hardware release is certain to give you short term fame. Download these "Wonderlust" event wallpaper inspirations to get hype before the event.

macOS Tiger Aqua Redux wallpaper for iPhone

As we look toward the general availability of macOS Sonoma this fall, our Wallpapers of the Week take a step back in time, almost 20 years. macOS Tiger launched in 2005 and included the Aqua wallpaper, smoothing the lines of users’ backgrounds. Download this collection of Aqua inspired wallpapers and a touch up of the original.

Wallpapers of the Week 10th anniversary edition

It is hard to believe, when looking back, that my iDownloadBlog Wallpapers of the Week is celebrating a 10th anniversary. At least once, every week, for 520 weeks, you've downloaded fresh, crispy wallpapers for your favorite Apple devices. To be honest, I'm a bit shocked by the milestone. Inside, we take a look at my favorite collections from each of the previous 10 years!

Make your own WWDC 2023 Memoji wallpaper, and more

On Monday, June 5 at 10:00AM Pacific Time, Apple will kick off the Worldwide Developer Conference for 2023. Tim Cook and company alway begin a week long experience with a media event geared toward, primarily software enhancements.

This year, we expect several hardware announcements, possibly ranging from new MacBooks to the long awaited Apple AR/VR headset. Until the event happens, everything is simply speculation. Get in the mood with these custom WWDC 23 inspired Memoji and sticker wallpapers!