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Apple Park wallpapers for iPhone and iPad

Apple campus wallpaper for iPhone iDownloadBlog mockup

Our iDownloadBlog Wallpapers of the Week feature the most sought after, photo quality images from around the Net. Every Sunday you can find a new set of incredible backgrounds for iPhone, iPad, and desktop. This week features an astonishing collection of Apple Park wallpaper downloads, taken from the November 2020 Apple event. 

Apple ‘Spring Loaded’ event wallpapers

Earlier today, Apple confirmed an upcoming April 20th media event with 'Spring Loaded' invitations. With the invite comes a cryptic message hidden deep within the graphic design. This Apple Pencil stylized drawing seems to further indicate iPad devices may be a large feature of the announcement. Regardless, we have Apple event wallpapers inspired by the new invitations.

San Francisco font symbols iPhone wallpapers

I love the colors Apple launches on their seasonal accessories. The wide color options for iPhone cases always tempt a purchase. Today's Wallpapers of the Week celebrate the iPhone 12 cases with colors that match both the leather and silicone color ways. Mixing this color scheme with official San Francisco system font symbols makes for an incredibly compelling wallpaper.

macOS Big Sur and iOS 14 wallpaper mods for iPhone

Since the launch of iOS Home Screen widgets and the ability to change app icons within native iOS 14, people are getting really creative with their setups. Pictured in the preview above, this @AR72014 wallpaper mod takes it a step farther with a creative way to enhance the look of the iPhone dock.

iPhone 12 internal wallpapers

Any time a new major electronic hits store shelves, iFixit is quickly tearing it apart. Along the way, the team makes incredibly well documented videos of how all pieces come apart and creates repair videos for the DIY folks in the audience. While recently tearing down the iPhone 12 mini, iPhone 12, iPhone 12 Pro, and iPhone 12 Pro Max devices, iFixit captured high quality internal images and turned them into device sized wallpapers.

“One more thing” event wallpapers

Today, Apple sent out media invitations to an upcoming event on November 10. The invitation's tagline reads "One more thing," paving the way for rumors to fill the "what thing?" gap. Typically, Apple has held the "one more thing" phrase for only impressive new hardware devices that become leaders in their respective category.

In an earlier 2020 event, Apple promised to launch all new Mac hardware with Apple developed silicon processors by year end. It is expected these devices make an appearance. Speaking of appearances, every time a new invitation is sent, brand new wallpapers come to the iDB Wallpapers of the Week gallery. Spice up your iPhone, iPad, desktop, and ultra wide monitors.

Download the new iOS 14.2 wallpapers

Apple has been testing the new iOS 14.2 software update ahead of release later this year, and it includes some pretty nice wallpapers. And while some Apple wallpapers are only available on certain devices, like the iPhone 12 and iPad Air 4-exclusive ones, you'll be able to use these new walls on any iPhone, iPad or iPod touch powered by iOS 14.2.

iPhone 12 Pro wallpapers

On November 6, iPhone 12 Pro devices will go on pre-order. I am really excited about the new form factor and how it reminds me of the iPhone 5. Additionally, the new iPhone 12 Pro colors are making it hard for me to pick which one I like best — they are all really attractive! To celebrate the new devices, the iPhone 12 Pro wallpapers will at least give you a taste of the fun while waiting for your new device to arrive.

iPhone 12 wallpapers

iPhone 12 wallpapers

Hot on the heels of Apple's new iPhone announcements, we have already gotten our hands on the new iPhone 12 wallpapers. Compliments of iDB reader Red200002, these wallpapers have been directly extracted from iOS and made available to you in all their splendor.

Now these are the wallpapers from the iPhone 12 models, not the iPhone 12 Pro. We are crossing our fingers that we will be able to get our hands on those too in the near future, but in the meantime, these will have to do.

New iPad Air wallpaper colorways

During the September Apple media event, all new iPad Air models were announced. They are set to be released for order and in store purchase sometime in October. As we hit mid-month, there are only a few weeks left for them to hit store shelves. The brand new color ways are available in Rose Gold, Green, Sky Blue, Silver, and Space Gray. The new iPad Air wallpaper colors are ready for any iOS device while you wait for the hardware.

Apple October 13 “Hi, Speed” event wallpapers

Today, Apple announced their October 13 "Hi, Speed" event! The forthcoming event is anticipated to announce the iPhone 12 devices. Bringing a completely new form factor, 5G connectivity, and a new LiDAR sensor on Pro versions, the iPhone 12 is one of the most anticipated updates in several years. Inspired by the event invitations these "Hi, Speed" wallpapers will get you ready for the next week.

iPhone, iPad and desktop wallpapers inspired by the new iPad Air

On September 15, 2020, Apple announced updates to the iPad Air, bringing a sharper design language to the middle iPad tier. The new design adds Touch ID to the power button and eschews the Home Button in favor of a full screen experience. With each hardware release Apple uses advertising images to showcase the devices. We have the iPad Air 2020 wallpapers ready for your iPhones.