New 2022 iPad and iPad Pro advertising wallpapers

Along with the new 10th generation iPad and the M2 iPad Pro come incredible new advertising wallpapers. Unfortunately, Apple never releases the incredible background images they use to advertise their hardware on the Apple Store and online commercial sites. We are here to fix that. Although the iPad line up is getting confusing, incredible wallpapers are not. 

2022 iPad wallpapers for iPhone

Called “Circles”, this collection is directly extracted from the iPadOS firmware. It is a set of four 10th-generation iPad wallpapers in Blue, Pink, Silver, and Yellow, both in their Light and Dark mode versions. Each of the four colors match the finish available in the new iPad category that sit between the entry iPad and the iPad Air. They look fantastic on an iPhone OLED screen. I guess that means the joke is on iPad with its aging LED display technology.

Circles Blue Light
Circles Blue Light Download
Circles Blue Dark
Circles Blue Dark Download

Circles Pink Light
Circles Pink Light Download
Circles Pink Dark
Circles Pink Dark Download

Circles Silver Light
Circles Silver Light Download
Circles Silver Dark
Circles Silver Dark Download

Circles Yellow Light
Circles Yellow Light Download
Circles Yellow Dark
Circles Yellow Dark Download

iPad Pro M2 wallpapers

In addition, the iPad Pro M2 boasts awesome wallpapers in this collection titled “Lens.” These new iPad Pro wallpapers come in Blue and Magenta, both in Light and Dark mode.

These too were extracted from the iPadOS firmware, so they are as crisp and sharp as can be.

Lens Blue Light
Lens Blue Light Download
Lens Blue Dark
Lens Blue Dark Download

Lens Magenta Light
Lens Magenta Light Download
Lens Magenta Dark
Lens Magenta Dark Download

Additionally, download the iPhone-sized images for your favorite handset, compliments of our friend @AR72014 who was able to adapt these wallpapers for the smaller screen.

iPhone version iPad Pro M2 Silver wallpaper Download
iPhone version iPad Pro M2 Space Gray Download

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