iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Pro advertising wallpapers

iPhone and iPhone 14 Pro devices are announced to launch for pre-order on September 9. As with every Apple gadget launch, the “crack marketing team,” as Craig Federighi calls them, creates an amazing wallpaper to showcase the new device on the Apple commercial site and advertisements. The images, however, never make it to the iOS RC, leaving us wanting. Want no more! Download the iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Pro wallpapers.

iPhone 14 Pro wallpapers

Recall for me the iPhone XS/R launch. Each iPhone XS or XR wallpaper had what appeared to be some far away planet. They ended up being soap bubbles, but aside the point. Point being, those wallpapers clearly hid the notch, which received a lot of backlash after the iPhone X (wallpapers) announcement a year prior.

This year, we have a stark contrast. Each of the iPhone 14 Pro wallpapers have a dark-to-bright gradient that peaks on the notch. Well, I guess I should say the “Dynamic Island.” Hilarious even, that instead of letting the peanut gallery decide to call it “the pill” or the “new notch,” it has an actual marketing approved name. Again, on a tangent.

The new advertising wallpapers actually highlight the Dynamic Island. Its a focal point. A reason to upgrade. The new interactive location for your notifications and many iPhone interactions.

The gradient color choice is perfectly complimenting the chassis colorways as well. Particularly, I love the new Deep Purple iPhone 14 Pro. It will go great with my purple M1 iMac.

Credit for these goes to @AppleWallpapers who took them from Apple’s marketing images, upscaled them, and edited out the Dynamic Island and corners to make these wallpapers available to us.

iPhone 14 Pro Space Black wallpaper Download
iPhone 14 Pro Silver wallpaper Download

iPhone 14 Pro Gold wallpaper Download
iPhone 14 Pro Deep Purple wallpaper Download

iPhone 14 wallpapers

Not to be outdone, the iPhone 14 Plus also comes in heavy with five different colorways, including its own purple option. Overall, I wish the device colors were a little stronger this generation. Throw some real color on these devices. Regardless, the iPhone 14 wallpapers really make a splash. Taking the bold colors to the wallpaper on each of these devices.

My thanks to @fresk0_ who provided the walls to me! Give him a follow for a regular stream of quality backgrounds. The yellow version comes from our friend AR7.

iPhone 14 Starlight wallpaper Download
iPhone 14 Purple wallpaper Download

iPhone 14 PRODUCT RED wallpaper Download
iPhone 14 Midnight wallpaper Download

iPhone 14 Blue wallpaper Download
iPhone 14 Yellow wallpaper Download

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