Download the new 2023 MacBook Pro wallpapers for Mac, iPhone, and iPad

We got our hands on the official wallpapers for the 2023 MacBook Pro, and they are available right here for you to download on your Mac, iPhone, or iPad.

MacBook Pro 2023 M2 Pro M2 Max

For some of us, one of the most exciting part of a new Apple product announcement isn’t always the product itself, but rather the wallpapers that come with it. And this year unveil of the new MacBook Pro 2023 didn’t disappoint with the addition of one new wallpaper set.

It is one wallpaper set but it comes in two different colors, and each color comes in both Light and Dark variant, producing a collection of four new wallpapers to choose from.

Titled Grid Green and Grid Magenta, the two different colors seem to represent the two new MacBook Pro variants: the former sporting the M2 Pro, and the latter featuring the almighty M2 Max.

Following a similar design pattern, these wallpapers feature green and magenta gradients, along with some rectangular shapes with neon accents.

2023 MacBook Pro wallpapers

MacBook Pro 2023 Grid Green Dark
Grid Green Dark Download
MacBook Pro 2023 Grid Green Light
Grid Green Light Download

MacBook Pro 2023 Grid Magenta Dark
Grid Magenta Dark Download
MacBook Pro 2023 Grid Magenta Light
Grid Magenta Light Download

Originally made for a Mac display up to 5K, they can be used on any device such as an iPhone or iPad, albeit with a bit of pinching and cropping to make sure they display the part of the design that you prefer.

Personally, I have set up one of these wallpapers on my iPhone and have made sure to use the far right part of the image. It makes it less busy to my taste. You are obviously free to do any way you please.

It must be noted that these wallpapers are the official wallpapers provided by Apple. They were extracted directly from macOS and uploaded here. So while they might be made available to everyone in the near future, you can grab them right here, right now, for any device of your choosing, and without having to update your Mac and dig into the filesystem to find them.

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