MacBook Pro

13-inch MacBook Pro with M2 gets the teardown treatment

Apple introduced a new 13-inch MacBook Pro with an M2 processor under the hood at this year's Worldwide Developers Conference. (It was that other laptop the company introduced that wasn't the brand new, redesigned MacBook Air with M2.) It's been on sale for a bit of time now, so it's only appropriate that it gets the teardown treatment.

Apple may launch OLED MacBook Air and iPad Pro models in 2024

Any given year, there are a variety of different rumors swirling around at any given time regarding upcoming products from Apple. But this year, and especially right now, it certainly feels like the rumor mill is bursting at the seams regarding devices the company is working on. Especially in the laptop category.

At least one analyst is skeptical about that rumored 12-inch MacBook

Is Apple going to launch a brand new 12-inch laptop sometime in the near future? It's certainly a possibility, in the sense it's Apple we're talking about and they can basically do whatever they want when it comes to launching new hardware. And there are certainly plenty of rumors out there suggesting just that. But at least one analyst isn't so sure.

Pro users, do you customize your Apple hardware with color or stickers?

It hasn't happened yet, but word on the street is that in the very near future Apple is going to launch a brand new, redesigned MacBook Air. One of the talking points is that the new design will drop the tapered shell that Apple has used since the MacBook Air's debut. Another, though, is that Apple is going to add some color to the lineup.

40+ tips to save battery on your MacBook

Black and white picture of a MacBook kept on table and charging

Here are over forty ways to increase the battery life of your MacBook Air or MacBook Pro with an Apple silicon (M1, M1 Pro, M1 Max) or Intel processor, running any recent macOS version, including the current macOS Monterey.

With the help of these battery tips, you should be able to use your MacBook for a longer time on a single charge. It's important to note that while these suggestions are helpful for all, you should make sure to follow only those you're comfortable with, or those that aren't getting in the way of your productivity and workflows.