Download the WWDC 2023 wallpapers right here

Apple announced that its Worldwide Developer Conference will be held June 5-9, 2023, and along with the announcement came the usual cryptic yet colorful teaser image. As is the custom, this teaser image was quickly turned into wallpapers that we are reposting here for you to enjoy.

Friend of the blog AR7 was quick to use his graphic design skills to make these beautiful WWDC 2023 wallpapers for iPhone.

wwdc 2023 wallpapers

The announcement itself features colorful semi circles stacked up on top of each other. Other images related to the event on Apple’s website feature the full outline of Apple’s famous Apple Park headquarter. These are the two main images that AR7 has been using as the basis of his WWDC 2023 wallpaper designs.

These come in multiple layouts with the same overall esthetics. Depending on your tastes, you will probably be drawn towards one layout in particular.

For me, the most attractive wallpaper of the bunch is the one featuring the semi circles in a vertical orientation. While it might conflict a bit with the clock and widgets of the Lock Screen, it will look fantastic with a blurred effect on the Home Screen. As always with all things design, your personal preference will likely vary from mine.

We are posting only four out of the 7 wallpapers AR7 created for the occasion. If you want to take a look at the other three, we invite you to check out AR7’s Twitter account where all versions have been made available.

WWDC 2023 Wallpaper Apple Park
WWDC 2023 Wallpaper Apple Park Download
WWDC 2023 Wallpaper Vertical
WWDC 2023 Wallpaper Vertical Download

WWDC 2023 Semi w/ Text
WWDC 2023 Semi w/ Text Download
WWDC 2023 Semi Horizontal
WWDC 2023 Semi Horizontal Download

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