Apple Park wallpapers for iPhone and desktop

Apple Park is the headquarter location for Apple. Located in Cupertino, California, down near the original campus location at 1 Infinite Loop, Apple Park opened in April 2017. Given the circular design, the building is commonly referred to as “the spaceship” and is easily recognizable from the air.

Taking inspiration from this corner-less design, these Apple Park wallpapers capture the impressive architecture.

Apple Park wallpapers

The ring-shaped building is about a mile in circumference and hosts more than 2.6M square feet of office space. Steve Jobs was quoted as claiming the design as the “best office building in the world.” Steve actually got the “spaceship” nick name going in a Cupertino City Council meeting on June 7, 2011.

It is fascinating to hear him describe his vision for approval with the Council.

The wallpaper pack is the clever design work of @BasicAppleGuy. Combining a blueprint style with the mapping of Apple Park, the wallpapers are available in multiple colors and sizes. Grab them for iPhone or desktop. If you love this creativity, check out our mini iDB gallery of BasicAppleGuy wallpapers. 

Apple Park wallpaper blueprint for iPhone and 6K desktop

Blue Apple Campus wallpaper in blue print design for iPhone and 6K desktop

iPhone wallpaper of Apple Park campus in Midnight and 6K desktop

Black iPhone Apple Park campus wallpaper and 6K desktop

Apple Park wallpaper in khaki grey for iPhone and 6K desktop

On the BasicAppleGuy blog, you can actually grab an iPad version of the above images as well. Additionally, he has a “minimal” version of these wallpapers, which takes away some of the detail in the overall design. You can check those out directly on the blog.

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