Architecture wallpapers of all shapes and sizes for iPhone

The iDB Wallpapers of the Week collection provides categorized photo quality background downloads every single Sunday. In this week’s installment, we focus on the minimalist beauty of architecture wallpapers. Similar to our city download category, these images focus on created wonders. Pinned against soft, subtle gradient back layers, these buildings are an understated pop on your iPhone screen.

iPhone architecture wallpapers

The following collection is a tip from @droidbeauty, who regularly updates a shared wallpaper album. It just so happened that I noticed each of these images was snagged from the popular photograph database,  Unsplash is an incredible repository of license free images that incredible photographers share, because they can!

The images below were not modified to specifically fit an iPhone screen when I downloaded them from droidbeauty’s feed. Some of them are large enough for an iPad Pro screen, giving you some freedom to set these in different ways on the iPhone’s smaller screen canvas.

With each download is a link to that Unsplasher’s (do they call themselves that?) profile, if you are looking for more creative work by that artist.

achitecture wallpaper iPhone idownloadblog pierre-chatel-innocenti

Stepped building design wallpaper by Pierre Châtel-Innocenti (Unsplash profile)

Cylindrical buildings in black and white by Pierre Châtel-Innocenti (Unsplash profile)

achitecture wallpaper iPhone idownloadblog pierre-chatel-innocenti-2

Angular building in the shadows wallpaper by Pierre Châtel-Innocenti (Unsplash profile)

Flatiron Building wallpaper for iPhone by Mark Boss (Unsplash profile)

Minimal row houses iPhone wallpaper by Alexander Andrews (Unsplash profile)

You’ve made it this far down the page, which means you are really hunting for incredible wallpapers… which means you probably already have some of your own or know where else to find great images. Send me a tip via @jim_gresham, where I curate the iDB Wallpapers of the Week. The collection above was a tip from Twitter. Make sure to follow along regardless and grab mid-week downloads, sneak peaks of upcoming posts, and general banter about iPhone 13.

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