Night sky wallpapers for iPhone

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There is something deep and rich about the dark blacks, greys, blues and purples found in night sky wallpapers. With a few added crescent moons to enhance the effect, the following collection makes for great Home or Lock screen backgrounds. Grab all of these nocturnal themed images for your iPhone.

Night sky wallpapers

Our iDownloadBlog Wallpapers of the Week collection provides photo quality images on a weekly basis. Each Sunday, it is our tradition to bring you no less than five great wallpapers for your coming week. If these wallpapers aren’t to your taste, then know that another set of images will find its way to your device the next week.

Our gallery is filled with images submitted by readers and fans of the collection, like today’s wallpapers of the sky at night. iDB reader @ieditwalls submitted the following collection to me via @jim_gresham, where I curate our submissions. You should give him a follow, as new daily downloads are posted to his feed!

The following five night sky wallpapers were curated by ieditwalls, then modded and optimized for mobile devices. Credit is provided to the original image authors within the download link.

Purple mountain time lapse wallpaper for iPhone

Purple mountain time lapse wallpaper for iPhone by Noah Pearson

Cloudy sky with crescent moon

Cloudy sky with crescent moon by Ramón Laguía

Full moon at night background

Red full moon Pacific Northwest wallpaper by Tom Noske

Desert night sky wallpaper for iPhone

Desert night sky wallpaper with setting crescent moon by Ryza

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Our most popular collections are inspired by Apple event invitation designs. As we expect an iPhone 12 event in October, I am hoping for the community to rally around a design and submit wallpapers for special edition posts of the iDB Wallpapers of the Week. Make sure to follow along for request for submissions, sneak peaks of upcoming posts, and updates on what to expect.

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