OLED space wallpapers optimized for iPhone

A popular category in our Wallpapers of the Week gallery, OLED space wallpapers make incredible additions to any discerning wallpaper collection. The true black images take full advantage of the iPhone’s ability to turn off specific pixels, giving an absolute infinite contrast ratio on the OLED panel. Next to the completely black pixels, popping bright colors showcase the true range of the display. In the collection, download black images with this great contrast ability.

OLED iPhone space wallpaper

Sourced from r/amoledbackgrounds, the OLED space wallpaper collection has a minimum true black value of 50%. The reddit collection has a bot that measures the true #000000 value of each submitted image. The gallery consists of a variety of true black images and I curated a handful of space themed versions for our Sunday post.

OLED space wallpaper iphone idownloadblog space exploration

Download: iPhone

OLED space wallpaper iphone idownloadblog moon

Download: iPhone

OLED space wallpaper iphone idownloadblog earth

Download: iPhone

Download: iPhone

Download: iPhone

OLED space wallpaper iphone idownloadblog abstract

Download: iPhone

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