Galaxy iPhone wallpapers from Chandra X-Ray Observatory


A lot of recent hype around the alternate history space race Apple TV+ show, For All Mankind, has me staring at the stars. The show, which imagines if Russia beat the United States to Earth’s moon, is (spoiler free) focused on America’s push to follow as quickly as possible. The following galaxy wallpaper collection contains iPhone optimized images captured by the NASA Chandra X-ray Observatory.

Galaxy iPhone wallpapers

The first three images are modded by iDB regular, AR72014. The Chandra X-ray Observatory is a Flagship-class space telescope, launched in 1999. This space-based telescope can see far more x-ray sources, when compared to terrestrial telescopes. The telescope is named after Nobel Prize winner Subrahmanyan Chandrasekhar.

The fourth image is a constellation wallpaper, an AR72014 original.

Finally, our bonus wallpaper, will be recognized by those familiar with For All Mankind.

galaxy wallpaper iPhone chandra ar72014 3

Download: iPhone

galaxy wallpaper iPhone chandra ar72014 2

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galaxy wallpaper iPhone chandra ar72014 1

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galaxy wallpaper iPhone ar72014 3

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Astronaut wallpaper

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