A collection of vibrant orange wallpapers for iPhone

If you closely follow the iDownloadBlog Wallpapers of the Week collection, you know I’ve been on a purple wallpaper spree. Most of the recent packs have included at least one purple image. But, I woke up feeling sprite and thinking of the color orange. This quickly translated in an Orange iPhone wallpapers pack for your screens.

Orange wallpapers for iPhone

Orange is on the mind. I’m not sure why. Orange is a lively color. It might have been the sunrise this morning or the sunset last night that inspired me to dig around for an orange palette wallpaper collection. It could be looking at these fun orange trimmed Apple Watch Ultra buttons — the new Action Button or the orange ringed Digital Crown.

Often, orange is considered a cautionary color. However, I think it can fall into a rich, bold scheme that doesn’t necessarily make me stand on pins and needles when I see it. In fact, the calm flowing orange jellyfish and the smooth orange sunset gradients are very calming — and look incredible on the iPhone’s OLED screen which showcases the almost creamy color found in the following images.

My favorite wallpaper below is the color block wallpaper and the way the blue corner tones down the entire images with just a splash of colder color.

The following collection was taken from the unsplash.com repository. Names to each artist are included in the thumbnail frames and you can find their profiles linked below.

Mountain orange sunset iPhone wallpaper Eberhard Grossgasteiger Download
Orange sunset in the clounds wallpaper Nader Abushhab Download

Orange sunset moon iPhone wallpaper Parrish Freeman Download
Orange color block iPhone wallpaper Gradienta Download

Orange texture iPhone wallpaper Bekky Bekks Download
Orange jellyfish iPhone wallpaper Zetong Download

Orange texture iPhone backgroud Alec Krum Download
Orange liquid wallpaper Annie Spratt Download

@Bekky Bekks; @Nader Abushab; @Gradienta; @Annie Spratt; @Alec Krum; @Parrish Freeman; @Eberhard Grossgasteiger; @Zetong.

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