NewBattery16 ports iOS 16.1.2’s Status Bar battery level indicator from notched handsets to non-notched handsets

The iOS 16.1.2 update brought with it a redesigned battery level indicator for notched handsets that displays a more accurate icon fill to match the numeric percentage. Sadly, users of non-notched handsets aren’t quite as fortunate.

NewBattery16 ports the iOS 16 battery indicator from notched handsets to non-notched handsets.

A new and free jailbreak tweak called NewBattery16 by iOS developer pookjw attempts to port the battery level indicator experience from notched handsets on iOS 16.1.2 or newer to non-notched handsets running the same firmware so that everyone can be on the same page, regardless of the device’s age.

Currently, palera1n is the only tool that can jailbreak iOS or iPadOS 16 devices, and it only applies to older handsets that are likely to fall into the category of lacking a notch, much like the iPhone 8 and 8 Plus. So NewBattery16 is perfect for these types of devices.

According to a comment by the developer in a /r/jailbreak release post, NewBattery16 simply enables the internal option that Apple left disabled on older handsets running iOS 16, so the user experience should feel wholly native.

Those running iOS 15 are instead recommended to use a jailbreak tweak called Ampere. Depending on what version of iOS you’re running, other jailbreak tweaks with similar functionality include BatFill and Juice.

If you’re interested in breathing new life into your old, non-notched iOS 16 device with the NewBattery16 jailbreak tweak, then you can download it for free from the developer’s GitHub page. Please note that it’s only intended for jailbroken non-notched iOS 16 devices.

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