Some of the best app icon jailbreak tweaks for iOS 14

The app icons on your Home Screen are something that you use on a regular basis whether you’re a jailbreaker or not, and with that in mind, it seems like a notable niche of Apple’s mobile operating system to modify with jailbreak tweaks.

App icon jailbreak tweak roundup.

In today’s roundup, we’ll be taking a closer look at what we believe are some of the best iOS 14-compatible jailbreak tweaks for your Home Screen’s app icons, with a particular emphasis on the icons themselves.

So without further ado, let’s jump right in!

The best app icon jailbreak tweaks for iOS 14

Zenith iOS 14 Fix – FREE

Zenith iOS 14 Fix lets you use the Zenith jailbreak tweak on iOS 14.

Zenith is perhaps one of my favorite alternative ways to organize a Home Screen without using Apple’s native Home Screen folders. But it doesn’t work with iOS 14 out of the box.

With Zenith iOS 14 Fix, you can make Zenith compatible with iOS 14. Although the fix is free to download, it’s worth noting that Zenith itself is a paid jailbreak tweak available on its own for $1.99.

If you’d like to enhance the way you organize alike app icons on your Home Screen, then we would strongly recommend reading into our full review post.

dock label – FREE

Add labels to your Home Screen’s docked app Icons.

A simple, but sensical mod that you can do to your iPhone or iPad’s Home Screen on a jailbroken iOS or iPadOS 14 device is to add labels to the app icons that appear on your Home Screen’s Dock with dock label.

Right out of the box, these icons are traditionally label-less, and don’t match the look of all the other app icons on your Home Screen because of it.

While it’s a subjective look, those interested in giving this a try should head over to our full review post to learn more about it.

IconShadow – FREE

Add shadows to your iPhone’s Home Screen app icons.

Some time ago when Apple was toying around with skeuomorphism instead of the flatter aesthetic approach we have today, it wasn’t uncommon to have shadows lurking behind your Home Screen’s app icons.

The IconShadow jailbreak tweak brings those same icon shadows to the modern Home Screen, and despite the flatter aesthetic Apple seems to be aiming for, the shadows still look nice with the right wallpaper.

You can learn more about IconShadow and how it works and looks in our full review post.

MinusX – FREE

Replace the Home Screen’s minus buttons with delete buttons.

iOS & iPadOS 14 started a new trend with the Home Screen in which the app deletion buttons now display a minus sign instead of an ‘x,’ and while the change very likely plays into the App Library and the differentiation between deleting and hiding apps, not everyone liked this change.

The free MinusX jailbreak tweak simply brings back the classic ‘x’ button in favor of the minus button. It still does the same thing it normally would on iOS & iPadOS 14 devices, however.

You can find out more about MinusX and how it works in our full review post.

SnowBoard – FREE

SnowBoard theming app icon.

At the top of our list today is SnowBoard, a free add-on for jailbroken devices that allows the end user to customize their Home Screen app icons with theme packs that can dramatically change the look and feel of their device from top to bottom.

SnowBoard is the modern-day WinterBoard, the latter of which you might’ve heard about in the distant past. With it, you can apply both free and paid themes to your Home Screen to get the look you desire. Those themes are separate downloads, however.

You can learn more about SnowBoard in our full review post.

InvisibleWidget – FREE

Add invisible widgets to your Home Screen.

Sometimes jailbreak like to have custom app icon layouts, and one of the most effective ways to do that without an expensive layout jailbreak tweak is with transparent app icons that you ordinarily can’t see unless you go into Home Screen editing mode.

InvisibleWidget takes this concept into the modern age, allowing you to make not only invisible icons, but also full-fledged invisible widgets that can hog up a considerable portion of your Home Screen to create blank spaces in between chunks of app icons.

You can find out more about InvisibleWidget and how it works in our full review post.

NoJunkQuickActions – FREE

Remove junk from Home Screen 3D Touch menus.

The Home Screen’s app icon 3D Touch/Haptic Touch menus have a lot of clutter in them that can just go away. And if you agree; then NoJunkQuickActions is a jailbreak tweak you won’t want to miss.

When installed, this tweak hides things that don’t have to do with the app in question. It also makes more room if you use a jailbreak tweak that adds new options.

You can learn more about NoJunkQuickActions in our full review post.

Cylinder Remade – FREE

Custom Home Screen paging animations with Cylinder Remade.

One of my favorite ways to interact with the app icons on any Home Screen on a jailbroken device is to see custom animations by way of a jailbreak tweak called Cylinder Remade.

This tweak keeps things interesting when moving from page to page, and if you‘ve been jailbreaking as long as I have, then you’d know it’s a continuation of the long-popular Barrel tweak from the early days of jailbreaking.

You can find out more about Cylinder Remade in our full review post.


Since you likely interface with your Home Screen’s app i ions every single day, it’s likely to be a popular spot to introduce jailbreak-centric customizations, and e think these are some of the best ways to accomplish that on a pwned iOS 14 device.

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