Get the popular Zenith jailbreak tweak working on iOS 14 with this additional add-on

One of my longtime favorite replacements for native Home Screen folders on jailbroken iPhones is Zenith, a re-make of the popular Apex tweak from way back in the day that would let you organize app icons into stacks. Regrettably, Zenith hasn’t been updated to support iOS 14.

If you’re like me and you fancy using Zenith on your pwned iOS 14 device without the subsequent SpringBoard crashes, then I strongly recommend installing an additional add-on alongside Zenith dubbed Zenith iOS 14 Fix by iOS developer Christoffer Wigforss.

Just as the name suggests, Zenith iOS 14 Fix addresses the compatibility issue between Zenith and iOS 14, allowing you to install and use Zenith on iOS 14 device(s) just as you could on iOS 11, 12, and 13 without SpringBoard continuously crashing on you.

While installing a second jailbreak tweak to get the primary one working isn’t particularly ‘ideal,’ the fact that it works allows Zenith lovers to get back in the game on the latest jailbreakable firmware at the time of this writing, which in my case happens to be an iPhone X running iOS 14.8.1 with checkra1n.

As for why I choose to use Zenith over iOS 14’s native folders, it’s because I tend to let the App Library do all app-sorting for me, and I like to keep alike apps in the same easily-accessible place.

For example, I nest all my package manager apps (Installer, Saily, Sileo, and Zebra) underneath the Cydia app icon, making them easier to access with a swipe up gesture on the Cydia app icon.

If you’d like to install the Zenith iOS 14 Fix jailbreak tweak on your own device, then it can be had for free from the Henriksson Brothers repository via your preferred package manager app. Using the tweak also requires Zenith itself, which is available for $1.99 from the Havoc repository.

Those not already taking advantage of the Henriksson Brothers repository can add it to their preferred package manager by using the URL provided below:

Do you plan to use Zenith on your jailbroken iOS 14 device with the help of Zenith iOS 14 Fix? Tell us why or why not in the comments section down below.