It’s not just you, TestFlight is down for some users [Update: issue resolved]

testflight down

No, it's not just you! TestFlight is currently down for some users, including yours truly. While Apple took a bit of time to acknowledge the issue, the System Status page has now been updated to reflect the issue.

Update: the issue has now been resolved!

According to Apple, the issue started at 8.35 AM Pacific Time and is currently ongoing.  The company notes that "Users are experiencing a problem with this service. We are investigating and will update the status as more information becomes available."

Adam Demasi takes over as the lead maintainer of the Zebra package manager

Today’s jailbreak tools tend to install one of two different package manager apps: Cydia or Sileo. But those are far from the only package manager apps in existence today. Popular alternatives to Cydia and Sileo that can be installed by the end user include both Installer and Zebra.

We’re no stranger to either of the aforementioned package manager apps here at iDownloadBlog, but it’s worth noting that Zebra is now under new management as iOS developer Adam Demasi (@hkirb) has officially taken over this month as the project’s lead maintainer. Those shoes were previously filled by Wilson Styres (@willywurr).

Amazon got Apple to pull the Fakespot iOS app from the App Store

Apple has rules and regulations in place for all sorts of things, but especially for the App Store. Developers must follow those rules if they want to keep their app(s) in the digital storefront. Sometimes those apps only get discovered for bypassing the rules, either in big ways or small, only after the app's been available for some time. (The App Store review process doesn't always catch the offenders.)

How to jump forward and back on TikTok videos

iPhone screenshots showing TikTok video navigation with the scrubber used to fast-forward and backward

TikTok used to lack playback control because it initially focused on short-form videos up to sixty seconds long. But with TikTok videos now up to three minutes long, the app's gained video navigation. Here's how to use TikTok's fast-forward and backward scrubbing control.