Commander One: a powerful, dual-pane Mac file manager that puts Apple’s Finder to shame [sponsored]

Managing the files on your Mac and sharing data between iOS devices and macOS leaves a lot to be desired. Enter Commander One, a Mac app that’s everything Finder wants to be, plus an iOS file manager, an FTP client, an archiver, a cloud-storage client and more—all rolled into one—with a double-pane interface that’s reminiscent of the legendary Norton Commander from the ’90s.

uBar gives an upgrade to your Mac’s dock

Apple makes undeniably awesome software, but they’ve received more than a few complaints about their Mac dock, which many people find cumbersome and ineffective. As such, more people (including engineers at Google, Facebook, and LinkedIn) are opting out and making the switch to uBar 4 Toolbar for Mac. You can get it on sale for only $15 today.