Organize your Home screen’s app icons into stacks with Zenith

Perhaps one of my favorite jailbreak tweaks of all time was Apex 2, an organization mod for your iPhone’s Home screen that permitted you to have nested app icons instead of folders.

Apex 2, was unfortunately never updated for iOS 11, and so iOS developer Muirey03 took things into his own hands. The result? A brand-new jailbreak tweak called Zenith is now available in Cydia.

As you might come to expect, Zenith works almost exactly as the tried-and-true Apex 2 tweak did. With it, you can swipe up or down on any of your Home screen’s app icons to reveal its nested ‘sub-apps.’ Tapping anywhere else re-stacks the app to conceal its nested sub-apps.

When all the nested sub-apps apps are visible, you can tap any of them once to launch them or tap and hold on the centric app to toggle editing mode. In editing mode, you’ll see “+” buttons that denote adding or editing sub-apps. If the space is empty, then the button adds a new app, but it replaces the existing app if one is already there.

As shown above, tapping on the “+” button displays a list of apps that you can add to the nested stack.

Curious what the nested stacks look like? If so, then check out the animated GIF below:

Zenith adds a preference pane to the Settings app where you can configure a few options:

Here, you can:

  • Toggle the tweak on or off on demand
  • Choose what to use as the visual indicator for a stack on your Home screen
    • Grabbers
    • Previews of the nested app icons
    • Nothing
  • Spotlight access
  • Close the nested sub-apps after launching a nested app
  • Allow creation of new stacks
  • Tap anywhere outside of a nested app to collapse the icon
  • Aggregate notification badges on the first-most icon on the stack
  • Collapse the stack by pressing the Home button

Right out of the box, Zenith is nothing short of a fantastic remake of one of my favorite jailbreak tweaks and a great way to better organize your iPhone’s Home screen. If you’re interested in trying Zenith, then you can download it for $1.99 from the Havoc repository. The tweak plays nicely with all jailbroken iOS 11, 12, and 13 devices.

Note: You can also use Zenith on iOS 14 devices, but you will need the Zenith iOS 14 Fix add-on to make it work properly.

What do you think about organizing your Home screen’s app icons into stacks rather than folders? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.