How to copy a file or folder’s complete path directly from Finder on your Mac

Copy pathname of folder in Finder on Mac

macOS has some little known features that let you see and interact with the path of files in Finder. For instance, you can enable an interactive file path bar at the bottom of Finder windows, and even show the complete path in a window's title bar.

Another helpful feature is the ability to copy a file or folder's complete path directly from the Finder on your Mac, and this tutorial shows you how to do that.

5 ways to bookmark folders on Mac and open them instantly in just a few clicks

Pin folder to Mac menu bar to open it instantly

You can create any number of folders on your Mac, and you certainly have several of them. However, some folders are extremely useful, and you open them multiple times each day.

To make this process fast, you can bookmark Mac folders at various places like the Dock, desktop, menu bar, Finder sidebar, and more to open them instantly in one or few clicks.

This tutorial shows you five free ways to open your desired important folders at lightning speed on your Mac.

How to manage app folders on your iPhone and iPad

Folder on iPhone Home Screen

Folders on iPhone Home Screen allow you to organize apps. You can keep rarely used ones in them to declutter the Home Screen or use folders to hide apps you do not want anyone to notice easily. In this tutorial, we show you how to create and manage folders on your iPhone and iPad.