App folders and a new Home Screen layout may be coming to the Apple Watch

watchOS 10 will reportedly let you file Apple Watch app icons in folders, like on your iPhone. The update could also bring a new Home Screen layout to the watch.

Space Gray Apple Watch SE showcasing the Home Screen with the deafult honeycomb app grid
watchOS 10 may let you organize apps into folders | Image: Auguras Pipiras/Unsplash
  • Apple’s watchOS 10 software may allow you to create app folders on the Home Screen like on your iPhone and iPad.
  • It should also bring a new layout for the watchOS Home Screen.
  • We heard previously that watchOS 10 will bring an updated user interface.

Apple Watch app folders coming with watchOS 10?

It’s unclear how precisely creating and managing app folders will work on the Apple Watch’s tiny screen, but a source claims the feature will be “very reminiscent of the iOS 4-6 days.” They added that the updated Home Screen layout in watch OS 10 is going to be much easier to use because it will be more familiar to iOS.

The Apple Watch’s Home Screen is currently available in two layouts—as a honeycomb grid of icons or a textual list of app names.

You can quickly switch between these views by holding your finger on the watchOS Home Screen and choosing an option from the hidden menu. We don’t know if the updated Home Screen will be the new default or an option in watchOS 10.

This information came from the anonymous Twitter account @analyst941, which recently shared information about upcoming iOS 17 features like active iPhone widgets with buttons, sliders and other interactive elements.

The same account shared accurate details about the Dynamic Island ahead of time. However, the Dynamic Island is currently this account’s only proven hit.

In other words, take this report with a grain of salt because @analyst941 doesn’t have an established track record. Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman, who has a stellar track record, says that many of the leaks shared by this account “are not true.”

The biggest watchOS update since 2015

Speaking of Mark, he said recently that watchOS 10 will be a “fairly extensive upgrade” with “notable changes” to the Apple Watch user interface.

In the latest edition of his Power On newsletter, Mark said watchOS 10 would bring an “updated interface,” though he did not provide any details about the changes.

“The watchOS update will tell you most of what you need to know about the Apple Watch in 2023,” he wrote. “That’s because hardware changes are expected to be minimal, so the operating system upgrade will be the focus.”