Apple Music reveals the most played songs of 2021

As 2021 wraps up, there are "best of" awards to give out. And to show off just how popular something was as the year wraps up. Apple Music is doing just that as November closes out. The streaming service has already announced the winners of 2021, and now it's showing off the most-played songs, too.

Rocket League Sideswipe with its car soccer shenanigans launches globally for iPhone and iPad

Remember back in March of this year, when video game developer Psyonix made some waves when they announced a brand new car soccer (football) experience for mobile? That was some good news, especially for fans of the original Rocket League they've been playing on PC and consoles for years. Unfortunately, we didn't know when, exactly, the game would launch. But, surprise! It's here now.

New photos show off translucent AirPods prototype

Being a collector of rare Apple-branded items must be exciting. The rest of us get to live vicariously through that person as they post photos of their finds on the internet. Which is how we get to see crazy things like translucent prototypes of existing products.