5 ways to bookmark folders on Mac and open them instantly in just a few clicks

You can create any number of folders on your Mac, and you certainly have several of them. However, some folders are extremely useful, and you open them multiple times each day.

To make this process fast, you can bookmark Mac folders at various places like the Dock, desktop, menu bar, Finder sidebar, and more to open them instantly in one or few clicks.

This tutorial shows you five free ways to open your desired important folders at lightning speed on your Mac.

Pin folder to Mac menu bar to open it instantly

1. Add folder to Mac’s Dock

Dock stays at the bottom, left, or right edge of your Mac’s screen. You can also add your desired folders to the Dock to see its files or open them swiftly.

Tip: First, open Finder and press Option + Command + P to show the Path Bar. You can also click View > Show Path Bar. This will add the path of the folder and help you go to its location easily.

Go to the important folder you want to add to the Dock. Use Path Bar to ensure you’re at its parent location. Now, drag the folder from Finder to the left of the Trash.

Drag Finder folder to Mac's Dock

Note: You can’t place the folder among the apps on the Dock. You can only place it somewhere in the Trash section.

From now, when you click this folder icon, it will show the files and folders inside it. To open this folder, click Open in Finder. You can also right-click or control-click on this folder and choose Open “folder name.”

If you ever wish to remove it from your Dock, simply drag it out from the Dock onto the desktop.

2. Add folder to Mac’s desktop

You can add important folders to your Mac’s desktop for quick access. This is similar to creating Windows-like app icons on your Mac.

Here’s how to add a folder shortcut to Mac’s desktop:

1) Go to the desired folder location in Finder.

2) Right-click on the folder name and choose Make Alias.

3) Now drag this alias to Mac’s desktop.

4) Optionally, you can rename to remove the word “alias”.

Drag folder alias to Mac desktop

From now on, double-click this folder alias on your Mac’s desktop to open that folder instantly.

The best part: Desktop is behind the app windows, and thus you may not always see the icon on it. But most people keep the Dock always visible. So, you can drag that folder alias from the desktop next to the Trash icon on the Dock. From now, just a single click on the folder alias in Dock will instantly open that folder! It’s an incredible time-saver!

3. Add folder to Finder sidebar

If you upload files often or want to quickly access some handy folders from inside other apps, adding them to the Finder sidebar is a viable option.

Here’s how to add folders to the Finder sidebar:

1) Go to the location of the folder you want to add to the sidebar.

2) Select that folder and drag it left onto the Finder sidebar.

Add folder to Finder sidebar

You can easily access this bookmarked folder every time you’re in the Finder. And from here, you can even right-click on the folder name and choose Add to Dock.

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4. Use a shortcut to open folder

I have an iDB folder on my Mac that I access multiple times daily. I can use the above methods to open it quickly. Plus, since my Mac runs macOS Monterey, it has the Shortcuts app. So, I have built a simple shortcut that reveals a file inside that folder, and doing so opens it for me to access everything in that main folder.

Here’s how to use the macOS Shortcuts app to open a folder quickly:

1) Open the Shortcuts app on macOS Monterey or later.

2) Click the plus button from the top or press Command + N to create a new shortcut.

3) Type reveal in the top search bar and add Reveal Files in Finder action to the shortcut.

4) Click the light blue word Files, select a file inside the folder your want to open quickly, and click Open.

5) From the top left of the window, give this shortcut any name and click the red close button to save it.

Build Siri shortcut to open folder on Mac

6) Now, take the mouse pointer to this shortcut tile and click the triangle run button. You will see that it opens that folder immediately.

Open Mac folder using Shortcuts

7) Running the shortcut from inside the Shortcuts app is time-consuming. So, go ahead and use one of the methods to run it quickly from the Dock, Launchpad, Desktop, etc.

5. Use Folder Peek

Folder Peek is an excellent, free app that lets you pin multiple desired folders to your Mac’s menu bar. From there, you can see the files and subfolders or click the name to open it.

Here’s how to add folder bookmarks to Mac’s menu bar:

1) Get Folder Peek from the macOS App Store.

2) Open the app, click its icon from the top menu bar, and choose Add Folder.

3) Select the folder you wish to pin and click Add.

Add folder to Folder Peek on Mac

That’s it. This folder will now sit in your Mac’s menu bar. Click it to see its contents and click its name from the top to open it. The first image at the top of this post, just below the intro paragraphs is from Folder Peek.

You can add several folders by taking the mouse pointer to the first folder name and choosing Add Folder. You can also use Configure Folder to customize each folder’s title, icon, icon size, and even add a keyboard shortcut to open that folder instantly!

Open folders quickly on Mac

This is how you can bookmark a folder at various places like your Mac’s Dock, desktop, menu bar, Finder sidebar, and more. Feel free to use any method that feels most suitable to you.

For me, adding the folder to the Finder sidebar, having the folder alias on Mac’s Dock, and using Folder Peek are the preferred choices.

Besides the above options, you can also type the folder name in Spotlight to open it instantly, or you can click Go when in Finder and select a folder like Documents, Downloads, etc.

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