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How to show the full URL of a website in the Safari address bar on Mac

Full website address shown in Safari on Mac

By default, Safari's address bar only shows the domain name of the website you're visiting instead of displaying the entire URL. For example, it will only display instead of

But if you want Safari to show the entire page URL, you can get the full website address back in just a couple steps.

How to find the serial number of your iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, and Apple Pencil – even if it’s lost

Serial number visible in About section of iPad Settings app

Whether you are looking to get warranty service or simply need to keep track of your device, it's important to know the serial number of your iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, and Apple Pencil.

In this tutorial, we will discuss the importance of having your serial number handy, and we will also provide ten ways to find it, even if your iPhone, iPad, or Apple Watch is stolen or not powering on.

How to prevent your iPhone messages, phone calls, and FaceTime calls from appearing on your Mac

Black iPhone, MacBook, and Apple Watch kept together

Thanks to the seamless integration between devices, text messages, iMessage, phone calls, and FaceTime calls you receive on your iPhone can also appear on your Mac, as long as both devices use the same Apple ID.

But you can tweak these settings to protect your privacy when you leave your Mac unattended to ensure other Mac users cannot see your iPhone texts, calls, or get Handoff requests.

To help you through it all, this tutorial shares several tips to ensure your iPhone messages and calls do not appear on your Mac.

How to block YouTube from tracking your activity and watch videos anonymously

Turn off YouTube personalized ads and tracking

YouTube keeps track of what videos you watch, like, comment on, ads you click, searches you do, and more. Using this, they build and customize your profile for useful recommendations and targeted ads you're most likely to interact with.

However, if you don't want YouTube to save your history and track you, you can quickly turn off this feature and disable personalized ads. In this guide, we will help you do that on your iPhone, iPad, or computer.

How to control your iPhone or iPad with head movements

Control iPhone with left and right head movement

A feature buried deep inside Accessibility settings allows iPhone and iPad users to perform specific actions by moving their head to the left or right side. Called Switch Control, this guide will show you how to enable this option, and control your device with head movements.