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How to fix Universal Clipboard not working between your iPhone, iPad, and Mac

Universal Clipboard on Mac and iPhone

Universal Clipboard lets you copy text, images, and videos from one Apple device and paste it onto another, as long as you're logged into both. For example, you can copy a text paragraph on your Mac and paste it on your iPhone. In theory, it sounds wonderful, and when it works, it does feel magical. But in case Universal Clipboard is not working for you between your iPhone, iPad, and/or Mac, this guide will help troubleshoot the problem.

How to blur, pixelate, and hide sensitive parts of a photo on iPhone or iPad

Blur, pixelate, and hide sensitive parts of an image on iPhone

Before sharing a screenshot or image, do you want to hide sensitive information like address, card number, license plate, the dirty laundry in the background, or a kid's face?

Let's take a look at a few ways to blur, hide, or pixelate areas of your photo on iPhone and iPad. After that, you can save the final image to the Photos app or share it via iMessage, WhatsApp, or put it on Twitter, Instagram, and other social media platforms.

How to watch YouTube videos on your Apple Watch

Watch YouTube on Apple Watch

While sitting idle, have you ever looked at your Apple Watch and wondered if you can watch YouTube videos on it? If yes, you're in luck. Thanks to the free WatchTube app by Hugo Mason, you can enjoy YouTube videos on your Apple Watch. We'll show you how in this tutorial.

How to fix an app not showing in iPhone Spotlight Search

Show app in iOS Search

When you pull down the iPhone Home Screen or Lock Screen, you get to Search, also called Spotlight Search. Type an app’s first letters, and it will show up in the results, letting you open that app immediately.

However, if a particular app isn’t appearing in Search, that’s because you or someone with access to your iPhone excluded that app from search results. Here’s how to reverse that.

Can’t take screenshots on iPhone or iPad? 9 solutions to fix this

Person holding an iPhone and trying to take a screenshot

The ability to take a screenshot is a feature built right into iOS and iPadOS. As a result, it works like a charm almost every time. However, sometimes screenshots fail on iPhone. The button press may not work, or the app you're trying to screenshot might show an error message like "can't take screenshots due to security policy."

If you're unable to take screenshots on your iPhone or iPad, this tutorial will help you understand why and show you how to fix the issue.