How to copy a file or folder’s complete path directly from Finder on your Mac

Copy pathname of folder in Finder on Mac

macOS has some little known features that let you see and interact with the path of files in Finder. For instance, you can enable an interactive file path bar at the bottom of Finder windows, and even show the complete path in a window's title bar.

Another helpful feature is the ability to copy a file or folder's complete path directly from the Finder on your Mac, and this tutorial shows you how to do that.

How to connect and use a flash drive, hard disk, SSD, or SD card with your iPad

Connect and use flash drive with your iPad

You can easily connect a flash drive, SD card, thumb drive, camera, USB drive, USB stick, memory stick, photo stick, and other kind of external storage with your iPad. Once done, you can move files between the external drive and your local iPad storage (or iCloud Drive).

In this tutorial, we'll share everything you need and show you how to use flash drives on iPad.

This guide applies to all iPads, including the iPad mini and the powerful iPad Pro, and it works with all recent versions of iPadOS.