Some of the best package manager jailbreak tweaks for iOS 14

While jailbreak tweaks are commonly used to configure the behavior of your iPhone or iPad’s native operating system, did you know that there are several jailbreak tweaks out there that can also enhance the very package manager app(s) you use to install them in the first place?

Indeed, there are a plethora of package manager-enhancing jailbreak tweaks in existence today, and we’ll be showing you some of the best ones for iOS & iPadOS 14 in today’s roundup.

So whether you enjoy using the tried and true Cydia app, the modern Sileo app, or the edgy Zebra app, there’s a little something for everyone here. Without further ado, let’s check ‘em out!

The best package manager jailbreak tweaks for iOS 14

CydiaPullDown – FREE

The Cydia app is definitely aging, and the lack of modern maintenance is starting to show. One of the things it really needs is pull to refresh, and fortunately, there’s a jailbreak tweak that can make that happen.

CydiaPullDown is a free add-on for the Recents tab of the Cydia app that adds pull-to-refresh so that users can see what’s new more easily with a modern gesture.

You can learn more about CydiaPullDown and how it works in our full review post.

Zenumbra – FREE

Zenumbra is a jailbreak tweak for the Zebra package manager that adds a numeric count to each repository in the Sources page of the app to depict how many tweaks you’ve installed from each repository.

This can be useful in helping you discern which repositories you use the most, potentially allowing you to remove those you aren’t really using all that much.

You can find out more about Zenumbra in our full review post.

Cyrch – FREE

As more and more jailbreak developers take to their own repositories to host jailbreak tweaks, it seems like we’re adding so many of them that keeping track can be a difficult task.

Cyrch is a free jailbreak tweak for the Cydia package manager that adds a search bar to the Sources tab. This makes it a lot easier to search for a specific repository you’ve added.

You can learn everything you need to know about Cyrch in our full review post.

uki – FREE

The Sileo app doesn’t have a whole lot of add-ons in circulation, but uki is one worthy of praise, as it enhances the app’s aesthetics with floating package depiction headers.

The floating depiction headers are going to be a hit or a miss depending on your taste in aesthetics, but since it’s available, we’ll show it to you so you can make the decision to use it or not on your own. We think it looks pretty slick.

You can find out more about uki in our full review post.

FreshCydia – FREE

Before (left) and after (right).

There’s no question that the Cydia app is starting to show its age, but with the FreshCydia tweak, you can give the home page a much-needed facelift.

FreshCydia gives users a modernized featured package page, along with a spot for recommended popular third-party repositories that can be added to find more jailbreak tweaks. And of course, the UI boost is a nice touch.

You can learn more about FreshCydia and how it looks and works in our full review post.

StripeCount – FREE

While an above mentioned jailbreak tweak added tweak counts to the Sources page of the Zebra app, the StripeCount jailbreak tweak works a little differently in that it shows the total number of jailbreak tweaks that you’ve installed on your device in the Zebra app.

The statistic is displayed in the Packages tab and melds perfectly to the existing user interface to give you a better idea of the amount of mods you’ve installed on your pwned handset.

You can learn more about StripeCount and how it works in our full review post.


That wraps up this roundup of the best jailbreak tweaks for package manager apps on iOS & iPadOS 14, but we always recommend our readers to add any additional suggestions in the comments below for fellow readers to benefit from.

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