Some of the best jailbreak tweaks for Apple Watches connected to iOS 14

Just like regular iPhone users, a lot of jailbreakers don an Apple Watch and expect to use their jailbreak to enhance its capabilities. While Apple Watch-centric jailbreak tweaks are certainly few and far in between, that doesn’t mean they don’t exist.

At iDownloadBlog, we care greatly about expanding our readers’ horizons with respect to jailbreak tweak discovery, and since we’re in the mood to talk about the Apple Watch, this roundup will encompass what we believe are some of the best Apple Watch-centric jailbreak tweaks for iOS 14.

While there isn’t a jailbreak specifically for the Apple Watch, these tweaks impact your Apple Watch’s behavior via your pwned iPhone. So if you’re as ready to dive in as we are, then simply read on!

The best Apple Watch jailbreak tweaks for iOS 14

Perseus – FREE


Perseus is a free and incredibly useful jailbreak tweak for anyone using iOS 13.0-14.4.2, as it mimics Apple’s native Unlock with Apple Watch feature for whenever you’re wearing a mask and trying to unlock via Face ID.

Since only iOS 14.5 and later natively support this feature, Perseus allows virtually all jailbreakers to take advantage of the same functionality, and that lends convenience without the prerequisite of updating your handset to a potentially non-jailbreakable firmware.

You can read all about Persueus and why we highly recommend it for most Apple Watch-wearing jailbreakers in our full review post.

Winter Mode for Apple Watch – FREE

It’s incredibly easy to miss notifications from your Apple Watch, especially when you’re heavily dressed in Winter attire or your mind is laser-focused on a specific activity.

Winter Mode for Apple Watch is a free add-on and helps prevent missed notifications by forcing both your Apple Watch and iPhone to notify you about the same notifications simultaneously.

You can read all about Winter Mode for Apple Watch and why this is a must-have upgrade for your device in our full review post.

Compactor – FREE

Love that font your Apple Watch has? Compactor is a free jailbreak tweak that brings this same SF Compact font to your iPhone for a more uniform appearance between the two devices.

Unlike other font tweaks, Compactor promises not to drain your battery or impact performance, allegedly due to how it works.

You can read all about Compactor and how to get it in our full review post.

NanoFi – FREE

Apple Watch on a light background with faint Cheetah showing fast speed

Your Apple Watch uses one of two different wireless radios to communicate with your iPhone — Bluetooth and Wi-Fi. Obviously, one is much faster than the other — hint: it’s Wi-Fi.

One developer wanted to take more advantage of the faster data transfer speeds between iPhone and Apple Watch and so created the NanoFi jailbreak tweak to force the devices to prioritize Wi-Fi instead of Bluetooth for those transfers when available.

You can learn more about how the process works in our full review post.

AppleWatchCallNotificationFix – FREE

There seems to be a common issue on pre-iOS 14.5 firmware versions where connecting your iPhone to CarPlay causes the Apple Watch not to notify you about incoming phone calls.

While iOS 14.5 appeared to fix the problem, most jailbreakers are running a version prior to that, so the free AppleWatchCallNotificationFix tweak was conceived to push the same quality of life fix to those users.

You can learn more about the bug and how the tweak fixes it in our full review post.

Kai – FREE

Wish your Apple Watch’s battery level was more easily discernible from your iPhone without having to visit the widget page? If so, then Kai is for you.

Kai adds a persistent battery level widget to your iPhone’s Lock Screen, making it easier to determine not only your Apple Watch’s current battery percentage, but also any other Bluetooth devices connected to the same handset.

You can read all about Kai and how it works in our full review post.

AlwaysOnHeadphones – $0.99

Normally when you accept phone calls via your Apple Watch, the call blares out loud through the wearable’s speaker. This can be incredibly annoying when you’re using a pair of headphones, such as AirPods.

AlwaysOnHeadphones is a simple quality of life jailbreak tweak that forces the audio of all phone calls answered from your Apple Watch to be routed through your iPhone to your preferred pair of headphones instead.

You can learn more about AlwaysOnHeadphones and how it works in our full review post.

WatchMuteMirror – $0.99

Silent mode is a feature that both the iPhone and the Apple Watch support, however they don’t sync their silent mode status between devices, meaning one could still ring out loud despite the other being set to silent.

WatchMuteMirror is a really simple jailbreak tweak that always ensures that your silent mode setting is consistent between both devices at all times, hopefully preventing by any embarrassing sound displays in public.

You can read all about WatchMuteMirror in our full review post.

Wrapping up

While there aren’t a whole lot of jailbreak tweaks for the Apple Watch as of now, the aforementioned are some of the best ways that you can utilize your jailbreak to augment its capabilities when connected to a pwned handset.

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If you feel we’ve missed any important Apple Watch-centric releases, then please consider dropping a comment with the details below so that fellow readers may benefit.