Some of the best jailbreak tweaks for Reachability on iOS 14

When you have a jailbroken iPhone or iPad at your disposal, the possibilities are endless. With so many jailbreak tweaks available for seemingly every imaginable fringe use case you can think of, it can be intimidating to know where you should start if you’re just getting into the hobby for the first time.

Since jailbreaking is so deeply engrained in our blood here at iDownloadBlog, we take jailbreak tweak discovery very seriously. That’s why we curate dedicated tweak recommendation lists like this one to help our readers learn about the best jailbreak tweaks for specific facets of the iOS & iPadOS platforms.

In today’s roundup, we’ll focus primarily on the iPhone’s Reachability interface and the bevy of jailbreak tweaks that can make it either more useful or more exciting to use in iOS & iPadOS 14. And since we’re so excited about this list, we’ll just dive right into it!

The best jailbreak tweaks for Reachability

PowerReach – $1.29

PowerReach is a useful add-on that makes accessing power options from the Reachability interface a reality.

With its highly configurable user interface, users can access options such as Respring, Safe Mode, UICache, Userspace Reboot, LDRestart, Shut Down, and Reboot, all in one convenient place.

Everything you need to know about PowerReach can be found in our full review post.

ReachPlayer – FREE

With the Reachability interface leaving such a massive void at the top of the display when you invoke it, it’s always nice when you can fill that void with something useful.

ReachPlayer is a free add-on that fills the Reachability void with a Now Playing interface, therefore providing a quick and easy peek at what music you might be playing at any moment in time. As a bonus, the tweak is highly configurable.

You can read more about ReachPlayer and what it can do for you in our full review post.

ReachInfo – FREE

ReachInfo is another tweak that fills the Reachability void with something useful, however on a much more selective scale than that of ReachPlayer above.

ReachInfo can put whatever you want in that void, be it a Now Playing interface, a clock, a terminal, Calendar events, or even a weather display. Furthermore, the tweak can be configured however the user wants.

More about what you can accomplish with ReachInfo is available in our full review post.

ReachSpring – FREE

Sometimes you just need a quick and painless way to respring your jailbroken device, and if you never use Reachability for it’s intended purpose, then you might as well reprogram the original Reachability gesture to respring your device instead.

That’s exactly what a free jailbreak tweak called ReachSpring does, and given how frequently jailbreakers respring their handsets, it comes with a quick and easy recommendation from us.

Our full review post goes in-depth with ReachSpring and how it works.

ReachabilitySheer – FREE

Perhaps you’re not exactly trying to add functionality to Reachability, but rather change how the interface looks.

ReachabilitySheer gives the Reachability interface a more aesthetically pleasing appearance that emphasizes the wallpaper image behind it.

You can learn more about ReachabilitySheer and how it works in our full review post.

ReachOptions – FREE

Another tweak for those who don’t use Reachability often enough to care about its existence is ReachOptions, a tweak that outright redirects its native gesture to a list of useful options rather than the Reachability interface.

Among the things you can do via the menu are: taking a screenshot, opening Control Center, locking the device, respringing the device, performing a UICache, and toggling Wi-Fi on or off.

If you’d like to learn more about ReachOptions, then you can head over to our full review post to do just that.

OneHandWizard 2 – $2.49

This one’s not really a Reachability jailbreak tweak, but one could argue that it’s a decent replacement for Reachability if you’re serious about using your iPhone one-handed.

Furthermore, if you use any of the jailbreak tweaks above that replace the native Reachability gesture with different functionality, then OneHandWizard 2 would be a good way to get one-handed functionality back, albeit in a more useful fashion.

You can read all about OneHandWizard 2 and why it’s better than Reachability in our full review post.


While that brings our roundup of the best jailbreak tweaks for Reachability on iOS & iPadOS 14 to a close, we’re always thinking about what the next roundup will be comprised of.

In the meantime, if you’re looking for more jailbreak tweaks to trick out that pwned iOS or iPadOS 14 devices of yours, be sure to check out some of our other dedicated roundups:

If you’re using a tweak we didn’t mention above, and think fellow jailbreakers might benefit from it, then please feel free to drop a comment below.