OneHandWizard 2 makes one-handed usage of massive iPhones easier

There’s no doubting the fact that smartphones are receiving larger displays by popular demand, and while this can be considered a benefit from the standpoint of media consumption, it also tends to be a shortcoming by way of one-handed usage.

Apple tries to make things on handsets with large displays easier to reach with just one hand through a native Accessibility feature called Reachability, but using it can be cumbersome, and it tends to lack much-needed functionality. For those who demand more out of their one-handed smartphone usage, it’s tough to go wrong with a jailbreak tweak called OneHandWizard 2 by iOS developer sharedRoutine.

Just as the name implies, this is the second iteration of a popular classic jailbreak tweak called OneHandWizard that we showed you several years ago. For those unaware, OneHandWizard 2 effectively makes it easier to reach all of your iPhone’s user interface elements that would normally be out of reach if you were limited to only using just one hand.

As depicted in the screenshot examples above, OneHandWizard 2 shrinks the interactive portion of your display down to a comfortable, reachable sector ideal for the average thumb’s length. If you have a longer or shorter thumb than average, then you can drag the corner of the interface to resize it however you want.

Invoking the OneHandWizard 2 interface is as simple as using iOS’ native Reachability gesture. This means swiping down on the Home Bar on the iPhone X and later, or triple-pressing the Home button on devices that still have a physical Home button. Notably, the native Reachability feature must be enabled for OneHandWizard 2 to work properly. To close the interface, one need only double-tap outside of the interactive interface.

To the side of the OneHandWizard 2 interface are three buttons, which include a volume up, a volume down, and a special menu button. When tapping on the menu button, buttons for the following actions appear:

  • Take a screenshot
  • Lock the device
  • Open Control Center
  • Open Notification Center

Here’s a quick demo video for those interested in seeing the tweak in action:

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OneHandWizard 2 doesn’t come with any options to configure, which speaks to its ease of use. Those with smaller hands who are struggling to tame the massive size of their iPhone XS Max or iPhone 11 Pro Max may want to harness the power of this tweak to make it more one-hand friendly. Of course, the tweak also works with these handsets’ smaller counterparts.

OneHandWizard 2 is available for $1.99 from the Havoc repository via your preferred package manager, and this version only works with jailbroken iOS 13 and 14 devices. Those using anything earlier than iOS 13 should use the original tweak instead.

Will you be augmenting your jailbroken iPhone with OneHandWizard 2? Discuss in the comments section.