Control Center

Akara gives jailbroken devices a refreshing & familiar Control Center makeover

While there’s certainly no shortage of things that you can do with a jailbroken iPhone or iPad these days, perhaps one of my favorite things to customize is Control Center because I use it so frequently throughout the day.

Fortunately for those who agree with me, iOS developers Tr1Fecta and Kennyroo have just launched a brand new jailbreak tweak dubbed Akara that claims to give Control Center a “refreshing yet familiar” makeover.

This jailbreak tweak adds a caller ID toggle button to Control Center

If you ever need to hide your identify from someone that you’re attempting to call from your iPhone, then you can utilize the “Show My Caller ID” option in the Settings app to toggle displaying your caller ID on or off when making outgoing phone calls. On the other hand, finding this option in the Settings app can feel a little like navigating a complex labyrinth.

This tweak unlocks listening mode switching for Beats Studio Buds via Control Center on firmware prior to iOS 14.6

Apple device users responded positively to AirPods Pro and their tight integration with the iOS and iPadOS mobile operating systems. More specifically, users appreciated being able to switch listening modes directly from Control Center, which includes Noise Cancellation mode, Normal mode, and Transparency mode.

These features were once exclusive to the AirPods Pro, but fast-forward to today, and those same features can be enjoyed on AirPods Max and even certain Beats headphones like the Beats Studio Buds. One caveat, however, is that users must be running iOS or iPadOS 14.6 or newer to enjoy this functionality with the Beats Studio Buds.

Command your iPhone’s Control Center in new ways with ShyCC

Control Center is something I take advantage of on a daily basis, whether for turning on Do Not Disturb, Low Power Mode, or toggling my iPhone’s wireless radios on or off.

While I’ve come to realize the convenience of Control Center, I also recognize that the gesture can sometimes get in the way, especially when playing full-screen games in landscape mode.

Level up your iPhone’s App Switcher with the Gemini jailbreak tweak

If there’s anything that jailbreaking my iPhone has taught me over the past several years, it’s that I should always come to expect more from iOS than Apple provides for it out of the box.

The aforementioned rule of thumb holds true in so many different respects, but one particular element of iOS that I find to be lacking features and intuitive integration is the App Switcher. It’s just… boring.

Some of the best jailbreak tweaks for iOS 14’s Control Center

Just last week, we kicked off a new micro-series of posts that are intended to summarize some of the best jailbreak tweaks available for a particular facet of the iOS mobile operating system. Last week’s topic of interest covered the Messages app, but as we move into our latest post, I’m getting an itch for Control Center.

At iDB, we don’t leave any itch un-scratched, so we’ll be asking you to join us as we briefly showcase some of our favorite jailbreak tweaks designed specifically for augmenting the Control Center interface on pwned iOS 14 devices.