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OneHandWizard 2 makes one-handed usage of massive iPhones easier

There’s no doubting the fact that smartphones are receiving larger displays by popular demand, and while this can be considered a benefit from the standpoint of media consumption, it also tends to be a shortcoming by way of one-handed usage.

Apple tries to make things on handsets with large displays easier to reach with just one hand through a native Accessibility feature called Reachability, but using it can be cumbersome, and it tends to lack much-needed functionality. For those who demand more out of their one-handed smartphone usage, it’s tough to go wrong with a jailbreak tweak called OneHandWizard 2 by iOS developer sharedRoutine.

Add custom sounds and haptic feedback to your handset’s physical buttons with Cabello

Having a jailbroken iPhone or iPad means being able to customize it such that it delivers an experience unlike anyone else’s handset, and with a new free jailbreak tweak called Cabello by iOS developer daniel63194, you can do just that.

Cabello compliments your handset’s hardware buttons with customizable effects, such as custom sounds and haptic feedback. Right out of the box, the tweak lets you configure these parameters for the Home button, volume buttons, and the sleep/wake button.

Simulate iPhone X-like swipe gestures on unsupported handsets with HomeGesture

The iPhone X doesn’t have a Home button like traditional iPhones do. Instead, Apple has users swiping up from the bottom of the display to leave applications and unlock the handset.

But even if you’re still rocking a traditional Home button-equipped iPhone, you can take advantage of a new free jailbreak tweak dubbed HomeGesture by iOS developer MidnightChips to simulate the iPhone X-like swipe gestures on unsupported devices.

This tweak hides the Home Bar at the bottom of the iPhone X

The iPhone X lacks a Home Button, so Apple created the Home Bar to take its place. Swiping up on the Home Bar lets users unlock their device, return home from apps, and access the App Switcher, but the Home Bar itself isn’t very aesthetically-pleasing in the long run.

Given the circumstances, a new free jailbreak tweak called ByeHomeBottomBarX by iOS developer CydiaGeek has been released in Cydia this week. As the name suggests, this tweak efficiently hides the Home Bar from view.

Erie adds haptic feedback to your iPhone’s button presses

One of the things we see a lot of in the jailbreak community are tweaks that bring haptic feedback to the iPhone, and a new free release called Erie by iOS developer Sniper_GER follows in these footsteps.

While most tweaks along these lines bring haptic feedback by way of screen taps, Erie takes a different approach by imposing haptic feedback whenever you press a button on your device.