Home Bar

AdaptiveHome colors the Home Bar based on the icon of the app you’re using

One thing I like to do with a jailbroken iPhone or iPad is give it some personality. It doesn’t have to be anything extravagant, but I thoroughly enjoy subtle modifications that maintain Apple’s native design aesthetic to a certain degree while still offering something a bit more custom than what you’d experience on a device fresh out of the box.

If you’re anything like me with regard to the above sentiment, then I think you might enjoy a newly released and free jailbreak tweak dubbed AdaptiveHome by iOS developer MiRO.

MediaBar14 augments the Home Bar with powerful media controls

All of Apple’s notched devices, iPhones and iPads alike, come equipped with a software alternative to the Home Button known as the Home Bar — the thin line that manifests itself at the bottom-center of the display.

I love the Home Bar as an alternative to the antiquated Home Button, especially when paired with the bigger edge-to-edge displays that modern iPhones and iPads now possess. But with a jailbreak, it’s possible to make the Home Bar even better than it already is.

ReachSpring lets jailbreakers respring with the native Reachability gesture

Respring screen.

Jailbreakers know just how valuable the ability to respring their device can be, as it’s often used for saving settings that have been applied to third-party jailbreak tweaks, or for installing or uninstalling those very same extensions. With that in mind, it can be incredibly useful to be able to respring on a whim.

While most jailbreak tweaks offer some type of respring shortcut in their preference pane, not all of them do, and a newly released and free jailbreak tweak called ReachSpring by iOS developer Luki120 ensures that an honest respring is never more than a simple gesture away.

MediaBar14 adds music controls to the iPhone’s Home Bar

One of the things Apple does really well is provide a quality music streaming service that can be accessed from all of your favorite devices, whether they’re mobile handsets or desktop computers. On the other hand, Apple could always do better by improving the experience of the user interface, especially in terms of music control accessibility on the iOS & iPadOS platforms.

Jailbreakers know all too well about the many shortcomings of Apple’s stock user interface, and that’s one reason why there are so many jailbreak tweaks available to the aftermarket. MediaBar14, for example, is a newly released jailbreak tweak by iOS developer MegaDev that lends a hand to Apple’s user interface in this particular department.

Jailbreakers can resize their iPhone’s Home Bar with HomeSize

The Home Bar is a relatively young element of iOS that first replaced the iPhone’s Home Button starting with the iPhone X in 2017. It later became a part of iPadOS beginning with the 2018 iPad Pro.

It’d be an understatement to say that the Home Bar is the future of the iPhone and iPad platforms, so it’s relatively unfortunate that Apple doesn’t let us customize it at all. Fortunately, a newly released and free jailbreak tweak dubbed HomeSize by iOS developer ahmedmakls lets jailbreakers resize the iPhone or iPad’s Home Bar however they want.

Homepill puts your iPhone’s Home Bar on a diet

When Apple began doing away with the traditional Home Button starting with the iconic iPhone X in 2017, it became instantaneously evident that users would need an alternative means of getting to the Home Screen. It was from this realization that the software-based Home Bar was conceived.

Most have adapted or even gracefully accepted the new Home Bar standard, but for the jailbreak community, is has become something of a customizable element. For those looking to put the Home Bar on a diet, a newly released and free jailbreak tweak called homepill by iOS developer zac shrinks the stock Home Bar down to a pill-shaped object that appears less intrusive to the eyes when hovering over an app’s interface.

Customize your iPhone’s Home Bar without bounds with myBar

If your iPhone doesn’t have a Home Button, then it probably has a Home Bar instead. The Home Bar provides a convenient pathway for accessing the Home Screen, App Switcher, Reachability, and other imperative things, but one thing Apple appears to have left out is customization.

Enter myBar, a newly released jailbreak tweak by iOS developer Sirius24 that introduces extensive options for customizing the Home Bar’s aesthetics. And if that didn’t sound exciting enough, it should be noted that myBar offers enough configuration out of the box to appease picky minimalists or even the most extreme of interface tinkerers.