Some of the best jailbreak tweaks for managing battery on iOS 14

Jailbreaking has a bad rap for reducing battery life, but it doesn’t have to. A well-tuned jailbroken device should last just as long as a non-jailbroken device, and the community harbors a plethora of different tools for supercharging battery monitoring and performance on pwned handsets.

At iDownloadBlog, we make it our mission to give great jailbreak tweaks the visibility they deserve. Today, we’ll turn the spotlight to battery-centric jailbreak tweaks that increase performance, improve the user interface, and make battery monitoring easier for the end user.

Battery life is important to most users, including jailbreakers. So without any further ado, we’ll hop right into it.

The best battery-oriented jailbreak tweaks

EnableBatteryPercent – FREE

A very easy recommendation from us is going to be EnableBatteryPercent, a free jailbreak tweak that gives notched handsets the Status Bar-oriented numeric battery level indicator it deserves.

It’s not well understood why Apple forgot to implement this function on notched handsets since it was available on non-notched handsets for as long as we can remember. Fortunately, the jailbreak community has us covered in this corner.

You can learn more about EnableBatteryPercent in our full review post.

LPM Enabler – FREE

Low Power Mode is an incredibly handy tool for extending battery life when you need it most. It works by throttling power-intensive features when enabled to slow battery drain.

While Low Power Mode has been an invaluable asset for iPhone owners for years, it took until iPadOS 15 to bring it to the iPad. LPM Enabler is a free add-on that brings the feature to jailbroken iOS 14 devices.

You can learn more about LPM Enabler and how it works in our full review post.

Vaon – FREE

Vaon is a highly recommended add-on for the App Switcher that not only gives it a grid-style UI, but also incorporates a battery widget-style display of all your connected Bluetooth devices at the bottom.

Vaon is a sensical add-on that can help users monitor their devices’ battery levels from a place they visit often, and that’s why it gets a gold star from us.

You can learn more about Vaon and how it works in our full review post.

DrainCheck – FREE

Many users wonder what’s draining their battery at night, and a free add-on called DrainCheck just might be a handy way to narrow things down.

DrainCheck harnesses the power of scheduled Do Not Disturb sessions every night to keep track of battery drainage during that period. Then, when you wake up in the morning, you can see a comprehensive banner notification that lets you know how much battery drained while the scheduled Do Not Disturb session transpired.

You can learn all about DrainCheck and how it works in our full review post.

BattiBar – FREE

BattiBar is a free jailbreak tweak that tries to make the user more consciously aware of their handset’s battery level by introducing a slow-changing color gradient to the Status Bar’s text and indicators.

As you might come to expect, it displays a green color for a decent charge and slowly turns red over the course of the day as your battery level gets low.

You can learn more about BattiBar and how it works in our full review post.

Current – FREE

Having something nice to look at is a hallmark advantage of jailbreaking, and Current is a free jailbreak tweak that brings this thought process to the Lock Screen with respect to your current battery level.

As shown above, the tweak animates with a fluid level that depicts your battery level by filling the display. A fuller appearance denotes a higher battery level, while an emptier appearance denotes a lower battery level.

Everything you need to know about Current can be found in our full review post.

Vedette – FREE

Vedette is a free jailbreak tweak that can help users monitor and control battery life by preventing apps and processes from utilizing more than a user-defined threshold of CPU and resource intensity.

Some apps and services are more CPU-intensive than others, and those that are can be a real drag on battery life. This add-on effectively terminates those that cross the line, helping to reduce unwanted battery drain.

More details about Vedette can be found in our full review post.

BatteryHealthEnabler(iPad/iPod) – FREE

Much like Low Power Mode, the battery health feature has long been limited only to iPhones. But the free BatteryHealthEnabler(iPad/iPod) jailbreak tweak can bring it to iPads and iPod Touches as well.

The tweak enables the native preference pane in the Settings app’s Battery section too, which is a huge plus.

You can learn all about BatteryHealthEnabler(iPad/iPod) in our full review post.

MagSafe Enabler – FREE

Apple’s MagSafe charging animation for the iPhone 12 & 13 lineups is nice to look at, but only if you have a device that supports MagSafe. Since many jailbreakers are using older devices as a result of running older firmware, that’s not usually the case.

MagSafe Enabler is a free jailbreak tweak that unlocks this MagSafe charging animation for all devices when they connect to a power source, even those that don’t already support MagSafe.

You can learn more about MagSafe Enabler and how it works in our full review post.

Electrode – FREE

No one likes the ugly pop-up banner that appears when your battery starts to dip below 20%, but a jailbreak tweak called Electrode can make those banners easier to look at.

Electrode draws inspiration from the iPad Pro’s Apple Pencil charging toast and applies it to the iPhone’s low power alerts. In doing so, they take up less space and receive a modernized redesign in the process. As a bonus, the tweak includes a lot of customization in terms of aesthetics.

You can learn all about Electrode and how it works in our full review post.

BatteryBuddy – FREE

If you’re interested in upgrading the battery level indicator in your jailbroken iPhone’s Status Bar, then a free jailbreak tweak called BatteryBuddy might be of interest to you.

This tweak augments the battery level indicator with facial expressions and depict happiness or disgust, depending on how full your battery is at any given time.

You can see all the expressions and what BatteryBuddy brings to the table in our full review post.

SmartBattery 2 – $1.99

If you’re one to enjoy automating certain functions when your handset reaches a certain battery level percentage and being in the know about what’s happening with your handset’s battery, then SmartBattery 2 might be a good choice.

This tweak comes with loads of options for controlling your battery’s operational circumstances and viewing your battery’s charging information on demand.

You can learn everything you need to know about what’s possible with SmartBattery 2 in our full review post.

Electrifying – FREE

Electrifying is a battery-centric add-on for jailbroken handsets that upgrades the charging animation and low power alerts that appear as your battery drops to 20% or lower.

The tweak is highly configurable and can give users a more aesthetically-pleasing user experience. Users can also configure custom percentages to receive those low power alerts rather than the stock thresholds.

You can learn more about Electrifying and how it works in our full review post.


It seems like there’s a healthy assortment of jailbreak tweaks and add-ons to improve the battery experience on pwned iPhones and iPads alike. Whether you’re looking for modernized aesthetics, new features, or a prolonged battery life, there’s a little something for everyone to be enjoyed here.

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If we missed something that you use to monitor to upgrade the battery experience on your jailbroken iOS or iPadOS 14 handset, then be sure to leave a comment section down below detailing what it is and why you like it. Your comment could help fellow readers in their quest to discover exciting tweaks!