Some of the best jailbreak tweaks for AirPods on iOS 14

If an iPhone user asked me what pair of headphones or earbuds they should get, I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend any of Apple’s AirPods offerings.

But as a jailbreaker, I’m also aware of many different ways that Apple’s AirPods could be functionally improved with software-based tweaks.

Since jailbreaking is such a substantial part of what we do here at iDownloadBlog, we figured this would be an excellent opportunity to help fellow jailbreakers discover what we believe are some of the best jailbreak tweaks for upgrading AirPods on iOS 14.

The best jailbreak tweaks for AirPods on iOS 14

AirPopupConnect – FREE

If you have more than one iPhone and/or iPad, then you might find switching your active AirPods connection from one device to another to be a lot more complicated than it should be despite Apple’s marketing claims of a “magical” wireless connection experience.

AirPopupConnect is a commonsense upgrade for the AirPods user experience because it adds a Connect button to the bottom of the AirPods pop-up. This helps users avoid the cumbersome process of navigating iOS’ Bluetooth menu to accomplish the same task.

As an added bonus, AirPopupConnect gives the connectivity pop-up a Dark Mode-friendly aesthetic.

You can read all about AirPopupConnect and how it works in our full review post.

Banana – FREE

You probably already know by now that the AirPods Pro can be switched between Active Noise Cancellation and Transparency modes depending on whether you want your surroundings to be quiet or need to hear someone speaking to you.

Banana is a free jailbreak tweak that makes this process more automatic by turning Active Noise Cancellation on or off depending on your state of music playback. When listening, it turns this feature on, and then paused, it’s turns it off again.

In addition to making the process more automatic, this also helps preserve battery by keeping your AirPods Pro from having to balance and produce noise to create the noise cancellation effect.

You can learn all about Banana and why we recommend it in our full review post.

BluetoothNoClicks – FREE

Hate listening to pecking and popping noises of your keyboard when you have AirPods in your ears? You aren’t alone.

BluetoothNoClicks is a free jailbreak tweak that disables those noises when you’re typing with a Bluetooth device connected.

You can learn more about BluetoothNoClicks and how it works in our full review post.

Maple 2 – $1.99

You might remember a time when Apple planned to release something called AirPower, a product for charging all your mobile Apple devices on the same pad. But it was ultimately cancelled.

Maple 2 is a jailbreak tweak that brings the charging aesthetics that AirPower intended to introduce, but to jailbroken devices. Best of all, it’s a great way to see the current charge of your AirPods at a glance.

You can learn more about Maple 2 and how it works in our full review post.

Ainsworth – $1.49

Ainsworth is an awesome jailbreak tweak that brings the AirPods pairing experience to your other Bluetooth headphones and speakers that aren’t made by Apple or Beats.

With it, you can experience the same pairing pop-up you’ve come to enjoy with AirPods with things such as JBL speakers and headphones, among other brands.

You can learn more about Ainsworth in our full review post.

AirPods Case Low Battery – FREE

It can be a real bummer when you feel like using your AirPods, only to learn that they’re almost dead. It’s an even bigger bummer when the charging case you keep them in is almost dead.

AirPods Case Low Battery is a free and highly recommended jailbreak tweak that displays a complementary notification on your pwned iPhone when your AirPods charging case gets low on juice, allowing you to boost the charge before you end up with a dead case.

You can learn more about AirPods Case Low Battery in our full review post.

Kai – $0.99

Another jailbreak tweak that can help keep you consciously aware of your AirPods’ battery level is Kai, which adds a persistent battery level indicator to your Lock Screen.

Along with your AirPods, Kai displays the battery level of your Apple Watch and any other Bluetooth accessories that you might have connected.

You can learn everything you need to know about Kai and how it works in our full review post.


Any of Apple’s AirPods models are going to provide a high-quality and reliable service life, but jailbreak tweaks are a great way to extend their feature set or capabilities beyond what Apple provides out of the box.

Looking for more jailbreak tweaks?

While these were our favorite jailbreak tweak picks for the AirPods platform, we welcome discussion in the comments section down below if you think we missed any important releases that fellow jailbreakers could benefit from.