How to install macOS Sonoma on a different partition of your Mac

Installing macOS Sonoma on another disk volume on Mac

If you're eager to experience the latest macOS Sonoma without compromising your current setup, this article will guide you through the process of creating a separate partition on your Mac and installing macOS Sonoma developer beta 14, allowing you to explore its new features while keeping your existing system intact.

Experiencing errors when refreshing jailbreak sources? Try this

After jailbreaking your iPhone or iPad, you’ll get most of your jailbreak tweaks and add-ons from dedicated repositories (or sources) that you access from a package manager app, such as Cydia. But then the inevitable happens; you find yourself plagued by unexpected error messages when trying to refresh your repository sources. Bummer, isn’t it?

How to get Installer 5 on your jailbroken device

The Installer 5 package manager is now officially out of beta, which means that all jailbreakers now have yet another option to pick from in terms of managing their  handset’s favorite tweaks and extensions.

In this tutorial, we’ll show you the steps necessary to install the all-new Installer 5 package manager on any jailbroken device running iOS 10 through 13.

Installer 5 package manager officially released for jailbroken devices

It was only a couple of weeks ago that the Zebra package manager came out of beta to become publicly available to jailbreakers who wanted to a modern alternative to Cydia, but as of today, Zebra isn’t the only option.

Announced just this morning via the AppTapp Twitter page, it now seems that Installer 5 is officially out of beta and can be installed on jailbroken handsets running iOS 10 and later. Veteran jailbreakers may already be familiar with Installer, but the latest iteration has been rebuilt with newer versions of iOS in mind.

After more than a decade, iPhoneOS 1 package manager ‘Installer 3’ has been open-sourced

Jay Freeman’s Cydia package manager has long enjoyed being the default platform for installing jailbreak apps and tweaks on jailbroken handsets, but even this renowned piece of software has a predecessor.

Veteran jailbreakers who’ve been pwning their handsets since the iPhoneOS 1 days will do good to remember the original package manager for jailbroken devices – Installer 3 by Ripdev & Nullriver Software – and after more than a decade, the project is now being open-sourced.

iPhone 1337 Team releases jailbreak tool for firmware 1.1 on the original iPod touch

It’s been more than 11 years since Apple first released the iPod touch with firmware 1.1, but a team of jailbreak developers calling themselves the “iPhone 1337 Team” on /r/jailbreak have allegedly produced a working jailbreak for it.

More than a decade later, most people are using at least iOS 10 or later, so the circumstances surrounding this news are about as niche as it gets. Nevertheless, we felt it was worth a mention, considering how much we respect jailbreaking here at iDB.

Installer 4.0 Making a Comeback to Compete with Cydia?

Earlier this month we reported on the return of a Cydia alternative known as Icy to the jailbreak scene. The renewed package installer came out swinging with a quick and simple user interface, as well as the ability to add all of your favorite sources.

From the same folks that brought you Icy, comes Installer 4.0. The Infini-Dev team posted on their blog yesterday that they had successfully ported Installer to iOS 4.3.3, let the nostalgia and deja vu begin...