Some of the best jailbreak tweaks for phone calls on iOS 14

One of the primary reasons why we have cell phones, including the likes of the powerful pocket computers we call smartphones, is to be able to place and receive phone calls even when we’re away from home. While the iPhone has one of the best phone call user experiences in the smartphone market today, many jailbreak tweaks can improve upon it.

In this roundup post, we’ll be taking a closer look at many of the best jailbreak tweaks that can make it more exciting to use your iOS 14 device to manage phone calls, whether they’re incoming or outgoing. So if you’re ready to augment your device, then be sure to read on.

The best phone call jailbreak tweaks for iOS 14

CallBar XS – $3.99

CallBar XS is a seriously enhanced call interface for the iPhone that provides more options for the UI when someone starts to call you or when you’re in the middle of a phone call.

While iOS 14 already sort of ‘stole’ this feature despite CallBar having existed for years, CallBar XS is highly configurable and comes with many ways to enjoy the incoming and ongoing phone call interfaces that don’t come with a native iOS install.

If you’re interested in learning more about CallBar XS and what you can do with it, then head over to our full review post for the details.

PocketProtector – FREE

The iPhone was specifically designed to prevent the types of butt-dialing that was possible with older flip phones with physical dial pad buttons that could be pressed when sitting on the device. But butt-dialing is somehow still a thing.

With the PocketProtector jailbreak tweak, your pwned iPhone will take additional steps to ensure that it’s not in your pocket before it begins to place a phone call. This includes monitoring things such as the proximity sensor and accelerometer to determine if it’s in a pocket or in a position unlikely to be used for a phone call.

You can learn more about PocketProtector and how it prevents butt-dialing on an iPhone in our full review post.

SpeakerFirst – FREE

I have something a pet peeve about how the iPhone functions when you tap on the speaker button to use the loudspeaker during a phone call. Instead of doing the obvious, it might display a pop-up with multiple options as to where to route the audio to, and this seems like a major waste of time.

The SpeakerFirst jailbreak tweak eliminates all confusion and simplifies the process of enabling speaker phone in a call by prioritizing the iPhone’s loudspeaker when you tap on the speaker button in the middle of a call. This is great because now you won’t have to waste time browsing a cumbersome menu of Bluetooth speaker devices just to use the loudspeaker.

You can learn more about SpeakerFirst and why I recommend it in our full review post.

DamnDuration – FREE

Have you ever wondered how long others have waited before you picked up the phone to answer them? If yes, then the DamnDuration jailbreak tweak might be of interest to you.

This simple tweak adds a new section to the missed call information displayed under the Phone app’s Recents tab so that you can see generally how long people have to wait when they call your iPhone before you finally answer.

You can find our more about DamnDuration and what it’s useful for in our full review post.

CallerID Toggle – FREE

You always have the option to hide your identity when you call others using your iPhone by either using the infamous *67 trick or by turning off the “Show my Caller ID” option in the Settings app. But what if you didn’t have to take those steps?

CallerID Toggle adds a very easy-to-use toggle button to Control Center so that you can hide or show your caller ID on demand when attempting outbound phone calls.

You can find out everything you need to know about CallerID Toggle before installing it in our full review post.

YellowPages – FREE

Why pay your cellular carrier extra money every month for upgraded caller ID features to see who’s calling you when you don’t have to? The YellowPages jailbreak tweak can do that for you.

YellowPages utilizes the database of the TrueCaller app and integrates it right into the native incoming call interface of your iPhone so that you can always tell who’s calling you, even if the person isn’t in your contacts list.

You can learn everything you need to know about YellowPages in our full review post.

Logify – FREE

Last on our list this week is a free jailbreak tweak called Logify, which can spoof your iPhone’s native Phone app call history.

With it, you can make it seem as if someone has been calling you, even if they really didn’t. Likewise, you can make it seem as if you’ve been trying to call somebody else, even if you haven’t.

You can learn more about Logify in our full review post.


That’s all that comes to mind for today’s roundup, but we’ll be back again soon with another jailbreak tweak roundup just like this one, albeit with a focus on a totally different facet of the iPhone’s mobile operating system.

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What was your favorite jailbreak tweak mentioned above? If you don’t have one, and you instead use something else, then be sure to let us know in the comments section down below so that your fellow readers can try them out.