How to block or unblock a caller or message sender on iPhone

Block a caller on iPhone

Blocking a number is great way to get rid of telemarketing calls, spammers, and a creepy ex who is still trying to be your friend.

In this tutorial, we'll show you how to block people from calling or messaging you. Plus, we'll share the steps to unblock a person if you change your mind. After you block a phone number, you won't receive calls, SMS texts, iMessage, and FaceTime audio or video calls from that person.

How to set your Telegram account to receive calls only from your contacts or from nobody

iPhone showing Telegram settings screen to receive calls from nobody

Telegram lets you choose who can call you. With this, you can customize your incoming call settings to avoid getting phone calls from strangers by limiting calls only from your contacts. You can even go further and set the Telegram app to receive calls from nobody!

In this tutorial, we'll help you change Telegram call settings on your iPhone to cut down unwanted rings. The steps for Android are the same.

How to show the full screen call interface on your iPhone

Compact call banner and full call screen on iPhone

When you get a phone call or FaceTime call while your iPhone is unlocked, the call notification appears as a small banner at the top of the screen.

But what if you don't like this compact call UI and want to get incoming calls as a full screen alert, with the large green Accept button and the red Decline button? It's very easy to change that, and we'll show you how.

How to record a WhatsApp call on iPhone

Holding iPhone in hand with WhatsApp logo on the screen

WhatsApp or iOS do not offer a built-in solution to record calls. But if necessary, you can record WhatsApp audio and video calls made from your iPhone using workarounds, and in this tutorial, we will share a few with you.

11 ways to hang up a call on iPhone

Two iPhone mockups showing an ongoing FaceTime group call and carrier phone call

Hanging up a call on an iPhone is a simple task, but there are actually multiple ways to do it. From the traditional red hangup button to more unconventional methods, this article will explore 11 different ways to end a call on an iPhone. Whether you're looking for a faster way to hang up or simply want to try something new, this guide has got you covered.

Some of the best jailbreak tweaks for phone calls on iOS 14

One of the primary reasons why we have cell phones, including the likes of the powerful pocket computers we call smartphones, is to be able to place and receive phone calls even when we’re away from home. While the iPhone has one of the best phone call user experiences in the smartphone market today, many jailbreak tweaks can improve upon it.